The ANSWER to solving our Current Climate Conundrum…

…is understanding why and how we have got to this point of the current climate crisis.

The reason is because as humanity we have all acted together unwittingly and not recognised that fact.

By being part of human society worldwide we have all accepted that fossil fuels are our only universally accepted and understood means to easy energy release and power generation. The problem is, that widely accepted means has a biproduct – Carbon put into the atmosphere, and THAT HAS A CONSEQUENCE!

Hidden for so long, just because CO2 is itself, actually invisible to the human eye! We now recognise and see the symptoms of this toxin to our climate. However, we do, in fact, need some CO2 in the air! Without it (CO2) our Earth would freeze, literally, because we are slightly too far from the sun and need those greenhouse gases to make the Earth liveable!

The problem is, in greater concentration, CO2 becomes more and more toxic to the system and will eventually COOK US ALL! So the solution is to regulate the heat and thus the CO2.

To do this we have to SOLVE THE PROBLEM with the same human unity that created it – BUT THE WORLD IS SO DIVIDED! Help!!

In order to solve this climate problem we have to unite effectively, and fast. To do so we have to remove all those human divisions. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO SUCCEED! Take every division of human society out of the equation. If we do that, only two factors remain, namely:



Hence ‘i4one’ is created. Sufficient human unity that embraces the vast majority of us, across the globe.

JOIN ‘i4one’ today, open to everyone. FREE. Safe to join, because only YOU know if you are truly a member of ‘i4one’.

Join ‘i4one’. Save our Earth. HOW DO I JOIN? Simple! Firstly, you need to be a human being. Secondly, you need to say or even just think the words, ‘I for one will not stand by and let our Earth die’ and mean it in your heart and you are in. SIMPLE AS THAT!

To save ourselves and each other we have to act together in just the same way as we accept fossil fuel as part of our daily living process.


Answer: Carbon capture is possible naturally, but, the world is finite and crucially, we are running out of time to do this. Only one plant offers the safe route to doing this in the time left available – DUCKWEED – Lemnaceae Planteae. This is because of its specific growing habits, ease of cultivation, means of harvesting, multiple solid product form and only it can solve the essential

combination of mass required in the time we have left and in the physical space available or created (crucially with duckweed, additional space beyond the normal one Earth surface space available to other plants) by us, humanity.

We have to get organised to grow it as soon as possible. It is our one chance! Don’t miss it! Don’t fluff it! Plan the only natural and practical climate crisis escape route mechanism NOW.


So possible, and our last achievable hope left, before positive feedback destroys our Earth’s ability to regulate temperature to sustain life, as we know and love it, on this amazing planet of ours.

Anyone wanting to save the planet, please join us now!


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