A Highly Public Visual Vote For Nature We All Know And Love.

After watching the love and wellbeing expressed to the world by the participants at the end of the Coldplay concert at Glastonbury, broadcast to the world, I had an Archimedes “Eureka” moment. Like Archimedes in his bath and Sir Isaac Newton beneath his apple tree, all became clear. 

Just like the poisoning of our atmosphere from excess CO2 created by our fossil fuel burning is invisible, so too is the vast majority of humanity out there who wish for our leaders to get together and solve our climate crisis. It is a vast majority of us because the climate crisis is an EXISTENTIAL THREAT to all of us.

Our leaders, however, claim that there is no mandate for that, only a hidden notion that so many of us care. They are basically saying that if we don’t show our concern at the ballot box they won’t act, yet most of us ARE CONCERNED! So how can we have the equivalent of a Referendum for the whole world that requires no traditional voting organisational set up, no money and no structural means to do so and can still clearly show that vast majority of agreement throughout humanity.

We do it by a VISUAL VOTE for Earth that is NOT a secret ballot! Everyone can join in. The only requirement is a ribbon, a simple coloured ribbon, of any colour even.

On the publicised in advance WORLD DAY, that being the new World Day ‘PROTECT OUR PLANET 24/7’ Day, (the only World Day with the date in its title!) 24 – 7 – 24 Wednesday 24th July 2024. We can show our leaders our demand visually. How do we do this? A ribbon tied to your nearest traffic light shows that you agree with the publicised message of the traffic light of:




We can all do this. We can ALL unite as humanity to VISUALLY show this DEMAND to our leaders. “STOP! THINK GREEN PLANET”. This is so simple and available to everyone. This is not a secret ballot but a PUBLIC (for ALL to see) VISIBLE VOTE for our planet. Each man, woman and child can take part on ‘Protect Our Planet 24/7’ Day’ This will not just be 200,00 in Glastonbury, for 30 seconds of time, but billions of us across the globe, with our VISUAL VOTE  for climate action and Earth care, fluttering for days and days after.

Traffic lights are part of our daily lives for so many of us and are an iconic symbol of us obeying the fossil fuel driven society. We obey the traffic lights as drivers for our safety.  The politicians and oil industry moguls and leaders of commerce worldwide cannot say that they did not see our VISUAL VOTE, our message and demand. This is because it will be fluttering everywhere across the globe. They can’t fail to see and recognise it. A message not only as clear as the rising sun, but it also flashes its message into the dead of night!

Here is the mandate for action. A mandate for all to see.

A VISUAL VOTE to act to save the Earth from humanity’s greatest current existential threat, that of climate catastrophe and ecological collapse.

With this visual vote we have the mandate, clear for ALL to see, to act together and forget our differences, to solve the climate crisis and environmentally protect our Earth.

We have just over three weeks to mobilise the world, to do this one simple VISIBLE clear meaning action.

On ‘PROTECT OUR PLANET 24/7’ Day Wednesday 24th July, 2024.

 24 – 7 –  24

  ALL it takes is a simple coloured ribbon and worldwide communication for it to happen. It is free (except for ribbon cost) and simple and achievable for most of us. Even where there are no traffic lights, we simply paint one on a convenient post in that community, so that those in that community can express their visual vote like everyone else.

If our world leaders don’t take note and don’t take action, we can simply repeat it.

So go out and get your ribbon ready. You can even make one. It is so simple and achievable.

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