i 4 ONE's Aims & Setup

We all individually as human beings affect the condition of the Earth, our shared home and its condition affects each one of us individually in return. If we care for it and its life supporting nature, it will care for and support us. Look after it!

i4one is set up so that you can join the Environmental Movement to care for the Earth and nature and for fellow human beings, without money and without fear.

It is free to join and only you know if you are truly a member. There is no record of membership to avoid any financial barrier and to avoid any fearful barrier to engage in caring togetherness.

Only you truly know if you are a member. There are so many dictatorial states in the world now, that do not allow for anything but adherence to their oppressive ways. i4one offers conscientious care with peace of mind, available and free to all. With no money involved, every human being is equally valued and welcomed, only loving care and a determination for non-selfish survival is required.

Protect our planet 24/7’ Day is set up so that we can maximise learning on the subject of Climate Change and of Earth care, our planetary home. Nature looks after us, so we learn how to reciprocate and look after it.

By having the date of the Day uniquely in the title, it allows us to prepare to be involved in the day in order to maximise its learning potential worldwide. From learning and understanding the subject we increase the ability and willingness to get involved effectively.

This new ‘World Day’ should become the one that everyone knows when it is. Why? Its because its date is in its instructive and aspirational title.

We now after two parts have the means for Engagement and Enlightenment. The third part is for Encouragement. We, after two parts, have the means to join humanity together in a caring way and we have the means and opportunity for humanity to learn about the subject, to be able to act responsibly, effectively and caringly.

The third part is the way of Encouragement. The third part is to be able to show visibly, peacefully and powerfully, by a simple, easily repeatable means, across the globe, avoiding all human divisions, how many want to care for our planetary home and for its and our future survival.

The message revealing and anonymous number revealing micro-protests at traffic lights and pelican crossing lights by coloured ribbon tying is employed. Reproduceable across the globe, where the need is greatest and where fossil fuel is demonstrably at its highest consumption, due to the lights presence. This is simply and visually reproduceable worldwide, of one universal message for a sustainable future. That of: STOP! (red light), THINK (amber light), GREEN PLANET (green light). Hope, care and actionable commitment, all in one simple visual gesture.



Climate change is a daunting issue. Most of us accept now that there is a problem with global warming and that evidence and generations of experience suggest that it is caused by us, humanity.

We are part and parcel of the natural world. We have caused this problem and it is we who are going to solve it. We have to change attitudes and habits. This journey needs to be a positive one though. We are most effective when we enjoy what we do and can see the positive results of our endeavours. It is not too late for effective action either. We have metaphorically lit the fire, but the forest hasn’t burned down yet. Acting together in sufficient time is critical. The fight to correct global warming has to start now and it has to start with each of us individually. Unless we start like this, we cannot accept the large changes that will inevitably become necessary with time on a global scale. Even at this moment there are plagues of locust devastating areas of Africa. Billions of individual locusts doing exactly what they like to do…. eat and multiply. Uninhibited they cause devastation. We in our modern technological lifestyle as a species have lost the sense of respect, awe and wonder for the natural world that is vital for our survival.

The time for action is now, but there appears to be a political impasse with political leaders unwilling or unable to kick start the process effectively. We therefore as individuals must lead the way and show and encourage them. Change at a higher level will not come unless we understand that change needs to come from each and every one of us as a positive process of altering our habits to preserve our vital natural world and thus for our survival. Each little action we do is not pointless, it is of vital importance and anyone belittling any positive action or step we take is blind to the problem. Hence i4one comes into existence.

i4one is not the solution, but it is the beginning of the solution. So far all the protest and people on streets has highlighted the need for action, but no-one has yet come up with how we kick start this recovery process off. Well we have now…. i4one.

The start of positively protecting life on Earth, including humanity.

Do it, join, act and keep acting. We can do that and it is something we should all do, supporting each other in every little positive step we take. No criticism nor chastising. We all as individuals have a different starting point and capabilities. Some will be doing many of the actions listed already, others will have barely started. Praise any action and encourage individuals to do more. By doing this we can encourage our leaders to properly act where corporate, national and global action are necessary.

The solution IS within our grasp, we just have to get on with it.

Aim & Setup

XR has opened people’s eyes to the urgency of the climate situation and, along with ever increasing weather events, people are getting more concerned. Expecting sudden change from Government or from those fully embroiled in capitalism is however naïve.

The only way we are going to tackle climate change effectively is to bring the vast majority of humanity with us and do it in such a way that, by the end of the decade, there is radical real change. A charity can opt to get its income from the wealthy and from money left in wills or simply by appealing to vast numbers of people; what we have done so far is the equivalent of the former. Most Governments need to appeal to the masses, but they know how to cater to our comforts in the modern world. No Government is going to heap lots of pain on its electors unless it sees its survival or the urgency of the situation clearly. Therefore, the only way forward is stealthily encompassing more and more people to actively get involved in change and to make it a positive feeling.

We all start at different places on the environmental action and awareness hill climb. Climbing a hill can be hard work and exhausting. Some want to rush at it, others take a more leisurely approach. Those being slower if encouraged can get to enjoy the quicker journey and educated about the view at the top will willingly increase their pace. This journey needs to be a positive, enlightening one, not a punitive one. Hence i4one.

As a member of i4one, I recognize that we are all at different stages and there is no chastising for not doing enough. Each individual assesses where they are and select the entry point. This is personal to each of us and isn’t policed so we can be honest with ourselves. Our goal then is to start action now from wherever we join. The important point is that we start, not how much we do. There are benefits along the way and a sense of achievement will bring increased sense of worth. No two will be compared, each one of us has their own path to tread, but joining with others and encouraging each other is the way forward. It is a simple process. Look at the tick lists. These are suggestions of what we can do to take action on human induced climate change. Some you may already be doing some or many of these. Tick them off. Look for other actions that are achievable for you and be honest. Don’t be over ambitious, if there is no hope of you achieving an action don’t put it on the list! This is about encouragement and the pleasure of individual achievement on the way. After you have started, you will come up with your own ideas. Everyone’s Tick List is personal and because everyone’s list is unique, no one has the right to criticize. That doesn’t mean we can’t encourage or suggest actions to each other. Understanding and highlighting the positives is our aim, along with mass participation together, for only by being together will we achieve our objective of preserving life as we know and love it.

The Tick List is your own. You can make up yours from the suggestions given, but you may also come up with you own ideas that you believe will help. If we wait for the politicians it will be too late. It is up to us to drag them along with us no matter how much kicking and screaming they do! Inevitably some actions will need to be done at governmental, corporate, national and even at global level, but it is up to us all to encourage them to see the benefits of the amazing view at the top.


This organization is FREE to join and is dedicated to changing human habits in order to prevent human induced global warming that threatens irreversible climate change on our planet.

Only by mass individual involvement can we solve this problem and bypass the impasse produced by the inability of politicians to act on time and by individual and corporate greed.

If we are to survive, we need to act NOW and that means as individuals. Wherever we are on an environmental ideal timeline, we all, as individuals, need to move further along that line…… and right NOW!

Each individual, according to where they are now, needs to increase actions immediately to stop the catastrophe that irreversible global warming will be.

A Climate Emergency has been declared by so many political bodies and individuals, but few are acting as if they understand the words ‘climate emergency’. We expect our emergency services to act with urgency, it is therefore not unreasonable to expect our political representatives to act with urgency. We need to convey this as individuals to our political leaders by changing habits….and changing habits NOW. Join i4one and start right now. Anyone joining MUST look at the listed ways we can help alleviate human induced global warming and choose what they will do immediately…. and then do it! Then decide and plot what other things and habits they will change in a given timeline. The next ten years will be critical. Effective change cannot all occur at the last moment; something the politicians seem incapable of understanding. WE NEED TO SHOW THEM. Not by disrupting lives of those already concerned, but by encouraging each other to participate in our own survival. This is not an ‘us and them’ situation, it is ALL of us. Politics divides us, but what we need is togetherness at this critical time.

Join i4one.org because together we can do it, but it has to start NOW!

When you join, select what you will do immediately, then plot your individual path.

All you need to do is look at the lists of what action you can take. Decide what you are already doing then plot what you plan to do in small achievable stages. Don’t overburden yourself. Make sure that your targets are achievable for you in a reasonably short timescale. If you are over-ambitious you will lose interest. By making your plan reasonable and practical for you, you will gain encouragement by your progress.

By tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, even billions of us changing what we do will enable a positive change to help ensure survival, but we do need to start now.

Assess, Plan, Act and encourage friends, colleagues and relatives to do likewise. This organization and process will start small, but has potential to grow rapidly to a point whereby it can help ensure the survival of our amazing natural world.

It is very simple. It will work because it is by collective will as individuals that we will ensure that we take the necessary action to survive. Large changes will be necessary, but we need to start small to ensure they happen.