Life is Precious

We need to think about care of our planet twenty four seven. Make 24th July ‘Protect our Planet’ day (PoP Day).

The message is in the date... 24/7

There are so many ‘Days’ that are appropriated and unless you are specifically interested in that particular subject, the date is hard to remember. This one is different. ‘PoP’ day, otherwise known as ‘Think about your planet twenty four seven’ day !!

‘Protect Our Planet’ Day

‘Protect our planet’ day - is a concept that brings together the conservation, campaign and action groups on climate change and sustainability, under one roof and allows the general public to make sensible, rational decisions about how they can alter their lifestyle to help tackle the problem of climate change induced by human activity.

  • It will help enable us to reach a more peaceful, sustainable and caring world.
  • By being locally based and accessible, the events embrace community.
  • It works like a franchise, except that it is freely provided.
  • The events are like an advice centre brought to your doorstep.

Presently many events crop up on the subject of climate change and sustainability under various different names. These events are given titles which the potential attendee needs to decipher to work out what it is about and whether it is an event they wish to attend.

Often one particular group or charity runs them and the event tends to primarily promote the organising group.

With ‘Protect Our Planet’ Day, all are equal under one roof and so the event becomes like a ‘Department Store’ for advice and action on climate change and sustainability.

Like a franchise, when an event is described as a –‘Protect Our Planet’ Day event the person attending knows what they are getting (as portrayed in the first paragraph).

By linking many events and making them accessible to as many people as possible it is hoped that a more co-ordinated response to the problems of climate change can be initiated.