‘Adopt, your local traffic light (or pelican crossing) by tying a ribbon of any colour to the post so that about half a metre can flutter. Write a message on the ribbon to our leaders demanding urgent action on climate change. Also place a flower (wild or cultivated) at the foot of a post in memorial of species already lost to climate change. The tied ribbon ‘transforms’ it into the message:


A visible, easily copied, call for action in time to save us from climate catastrophe. Join the micro-demonstration and so get our simple message out and visible.



Zero Hour: United Nation Petition

They are calling on the Government to reverse nature’s decline by 2030. They need everyone to sign this petition to make this Rishi Sunak’s top priority.

Friends of the Earth: Green our streets for the climate

If you want to see more trees in urban areas, to fight climate breakdown and improve community health sign their petition.

Create A Mini Wetlands

Wetlands are areas where land meets water. They include rivers, marshes and lakes. Mini-wetlands are those smaller spaces such as ponds, drainpipe wetlands and bog gardens. They are fantastic for wildlife, supporting more life per area than most other habitats.

Visit the WWT for more information

Get out and about...

Support local! Get out to your local farm shop, fruit farm, vineyard and local markets. Visit botanical gardens, like our launch site in Birmingham, as well as Belfast, Edinburgh, the Eden Project, Bicton Park, National Botanic Garden of Wales and explore National Parks everywhere.


See the list of suggested pledges to reduce your personal carbon impact. Any action must be something you think you can achieve within two months so that it becomes routine in your life.

Download: Suggested Pledge Sheet

Watch and learn about climate change and why it is important to begin effective action to counter the damage already done urgently.

See recommended YouTube videos...

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Free Prize Competitions!

Donated prizes, since we are non-financial.

  1. Renovate an old t-shirt, to a new design you would wear (must include the Traffic light logo and message). Send a before and after photo to enter on the website.
  2. Rewrite the Lyrics to “ Tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree” by Tony Orlando and Dawn.
    Starting with:

    ‘Tie a coloured ribbon round a traffic light,
    Its been too many years, wow! To get this right.

    Continue .......


Click to download the Earth Hero or Act Now app...


Help clean up a local resort that you are visiting or your roadside verges near home or work. Take pride in the natural world around you. There may be Beach tidying or road tidying organisations visible and active locally on the day, so help and join in or just do it as you wander through the countryside or along the coastline.

man in red shirt holding white sack beside a boy in gray and white shirt

Surfers Against Sewage

People Against Plastic Pollution

Join our national network of #LitterHeroes

Write A poem

If you are on school holiday, write a poem about your ‘Protect our planet, twenty-four seven’ Day or about climate change action.

Get out and experience nature first hand.

Visit countryside or coastline. Visit sites run by the likes of the National Trust, the Wildlife Trusts, the Woodland Trust, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, RSPB and other places run by nature caring organisations. Join an environmentally caring organisation if you have the financial means to do so.

Try and make it to a place where you can appreciate nature and conservation of the natural world. Pet an animal or hug a tree if you like!!