Protect Our Planet Twenty-Four Seven’ Day, 24th July, 2022

earth wallpaper

Welcome to the inaugural ‘Protect Our Planet twenty-four seven’ Day, 24th July, 2022. With the recent heatwave and resultant problems in the UK and around Europe today follows rapidly to remind us that urgent action is required on human activity induced climate change. Today is the first Protect Our Planet twenty-four seven Day and we…

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The Great Big Green Week Promotional film is here!

A short, emotive film highlights just a few of the different reasons that people from across the country are taking action to tackle climate change and protect nature, and taking part in the Great Big Green Week. The Great Big Green Week is the UK’s biggest ever celebration of community action to tackle climate change…

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World Environment Day

person holding green grains

Like its counterpart Earth Day, this date is not very memorable to the average person in the street. Sweden is the UN’s designated host nation this year, so presumably most of their citizens are aware. Protect our Planet twenty four seven – 24th July – NOW THAT’S MORE MEMORABLE to everyone!! See this site for…

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Jubilee Call

uk flag on creased paper

At the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration on Sat. 4th June 2022, Sir David Attenborough, projected onto Buckingham Palace and televised to millions, announced that the world is at a crossroads. We need to preserve and protect our precious green planet. At our local crossroads stand our ‘traffic lights for survival’ blinking out their message of…

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I don’t like Mondays?!!

It was so good to see Sir Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats in excellent form and free flow at the Lechlade Festival on Sunday. Humour and a few expletives from the illustrious front man as he strutted the stage. Visceral invective was directed at those who continue to support guns for all in the…

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TL4S Call For World Protest For Peace

woman in slavic costume with eyes covered with ribbons in colours of the ukrainian flag

As supersonic missiles slam into a shopping centre in Odessa, Ukraine, murdering innocent civilians again, President Zelenskiy is calling for peace to end the murderous bloodshed. The traffic light protest worldwide is needed more than ever. Simple, easy to join in and do across the world. Tie a blue and yellow ribbon at a traffic…

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It’s Star Wars Day!

person in black helmet

Today is one of the easily remembered ‘days’. It’s Star Wars Day! ‘May the fourth be with you!’ So many ‘official days’ are hard to remember, so as we should ideally be thinking of our planet twenty four seven, a good day to reinforce that sentiment is to make 24th July ‘Protect our Planet day’!…

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Yesterday was designated ‘Earth Day’

Out delivering website details for i4one yesterday in Stroud , Gloucestershire. Good uptake and many ribbons and stickers taken by the many interested. Yesterday 23rd April was designated ‘Earth Day’. Not many were aware of that.  A product that does what it says on the tin is a good advertising ploy, so why don’t we have…

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