COP28, another wasted opportunity?

Is this another wasted opportunity to start effective action on reducing the CO2 level in our atmosphere? The simple, natural, practical answer to this problem lies on this posting! COP28 is about to start as the symptoms of climate crisis loom even larger on the horizon. This year, 2023 AD, is probably going to be…

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crowd of protesters holding signs

Our HUMAN INDUCED CLIMATE CRISIS is currently the GREATEST EXISTENTIAL threat that we face. Existential means of our very existence. Then why aren’t we doing something urgently about it? FIND OUT WHY. THERE ARE three main divisions in human society each capable of stopping the human unity we need to tackle the problem. They are…

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TODAY I AM PROTESTING, NON-DISRUPTIVELY, FOR Eddie and Max, MY GRANDCHILDREN’S FUTURE. YOU CAN JOIN ME TOO. ITS LOCAL, EVERYWHERE YOU SEE, THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT! No carbon footprint, no disruption, local, everywhere. We can ALL do it. It’s that simple. So please, join in, wherever you are, to protest and protect our Earth’s…

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Todays Micro-Protest

woman in blue jacket holding white and black i am happy to be happy print paper

TODAY – SATURDAY 30TH September 2023. JOIN IN the carbon free, money free, non-disruptive, travel free, local micro-protests; somewhere near you! It doesn’t matter which political party you support, which nation you belong to or what religion you practice, MOST OF US want the planet, nature and us to survive. So join in a local…

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The Quizzical Answer

students raising their hands in the classroom

“Tell me, what was humanity’s greatest invention?” said the headmistress to her school assembly audience. After all the bright girls confidently gave their answers and got only rebuttals, the headmistress said to the excited girl in the middle, “OK, Shirley, let’s have a laugh, what do you think?” “It was the wheel miss, it was…

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