How To Solve The Climate Change Dilemma!

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Fossil fuels have been our number one essential energy source choice since their discovery. The primary waste of their burning to release the stored energy (combustion) is Carbon dioxide (CO2). Yet we know for certain now that CO2 released into the atmosphere works like a blanket, trapping solar energy within the Earth’s covering. This works…

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Climate Change -The Solution!

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Question We know the problem and how large it is, but we haven’t started effective action yet. Why?Answer Because we are trying to RUN before we can WALK! Question Who is to blame for HUMAN induced climate change?Answer Humanity! Question How are we fighting climate change?Answer As Nations! Human = Nation NOHuman = Human YES…

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AGM 2022 — The Climate Coalition

Today, Wednesday 7th December, 2022, is the AGM of The Climate Coalition in the UK. Welcome to any attendees checking out this website. i4one is proud to be a member of The Climate Coalition. i4one is FREE to join, but we encourage all new members who have the financial capability, to join any one or…

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COP27 – Class Report!

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Tried hard, but, failed again.! Here is how to achieve success in the future. So another world climate change conference comes to a close and we are still no closer to achieving what we know we must do. The United Nations once again proved to be the Disunited Nations, yet these COP conferences are said…

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A Letter of HOPE.

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This is a chain letter for good, for caring, for togetherness, for survival of our world. This is written by principle on paper that I wish you to recycle. Please copy this and forward it on recyclable paper to another ten of your contacts, whom you feel confident will act for survival of our planet.…

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Climate Change – Here’s the GOOD NEWS!

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We have a problem with climate change. We can see that it is happening, yet too many of us convince ourselves that it isn’t really happening that quickly and there’s plenty of years left to act. We can’t afford to leave it too late and act like lemmings plunging over a cliff edge at the…

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Protect Our Planet Twenty-Four Seven’ Day, 24th July, 2022

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Welcome to the inaugural ‘Protect Our Planet twenty-four seven’ Day, 24th July, 2022. With the recent heatwave and resultant problems in the UK and around Europe today follows rapidly to remind us that urgent action is required on human activity induced climate change. Today is the first Protect Our Planet twenty-four seven Day and we…

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The Great Big Green Week Promotional film is here!

A short, emotive film highlights just a few of the different reasons that people from across the country are taking action to tackle climate change and protect nature, and taking part in the Great Big Green Week. The Great Big Green Week is the UK’s biggest ever celebration of community action to tackle climate change…

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