Sewage pumping – Enough is enough!

sewage pipes in the lake

We’ve had enough of these stinking, sewage pumping lot now. To have reached a point whereby people with the most money to spare can make £1.4 Billion out of destroying the nature of our coastlines and rivers is obscene. The latest revealed debacle is yet another symptom of paying lip service to looking after the…

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The Big One Demonstration

Today is the last day of the Big One demonstration and event organised and run by Extinction Rebellion and combining so many organisations showing equal concern over our leaders’ lack of urgency on the climate crisis. That and the equally human induced habitat destruction are real dangers to our future and that of life as…

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If the Big One achieves its goals…

crowd of people black and white photo

I know from 20 years of experience how much work, effort, finance and planning goes into a climate march or mass demonstration. The Big One certainly has all the hallmarks of being up with the memorable best. However, it is too easy for its actions and words to only connect with those already converted. Many…

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Bristol Climate Change Protest

crowd of people marching on a rally

On Saturday just gone there was a slow march in Bristol about climate change and a protest about the new oil fields licensed by the present Government. Those new oil field explorations and potential production are totally at odds with what is required for the declared climate emergency. Lots of organisation, lots of effort, (and…

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When you say i4ONE

climate protesters with placards outside official building

When you say “I for one will not stand by and let our world die” or merely think it and mean it in your heart, that is not the end! You have a commitment then to plan your own personal action, with no coercion nor criticism. The important thing is that you belong to an…

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Human Induced Climate Change

air air pollution climate change dawn

Solution: Download Sheet 1 pdfDownload Sheet 2 pdf This is something that we have collectively brought upon ourselves. It is such an urgent problem that it threatens all life on Earth as we know it and the intricate life supporting web and mechanisms that allow its continued existence on this planet of ours. Humanity is…

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How To Solve The Climate Change Dilemma!

a man and a woman assisting a girl while jumping

Fossil fuels have been our number one essential energy source choice since their discovery. The primary waste of their burning to release the stored energy (combustion) is Carbon dioxide (CO2). Yet we know for certain now that CO2 released into the atmosphere works like a blanket, trapping solar energy within the Earth’s covering. This works…

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