A Week to SAVE the Cotswolds.

In case you haven’t noticed this and the previous Government has steadily worked away at changing all the laws that act as a check and balance against permanent damage to our environment and countryside. A powerful oil and gas industry that has the Government’s ears by the over influential lobby system means is about to put the final nail in the environmental coffin. We the people are very nearly powerless to stop the oil and gas industry doing whatever they want now….. and they only want profit!!

One of the last hurdles remaining is the Local Minerals Policy of local government…. and ours is out for consultation right now. They didn’t want you to know and hoped you wouldn’t realise, so it could slip through serepticiously like all the other law changes. However, we at Frack Free Cotswolds are letting you know that you have 7 days to preserve the Cotswolds from potential environmental disaster.

The Local Minerals Policy is being worded with a presumption to allow oil and gas exploration/  production if it meets certain planning standards. Anyone coming across local planning objections will have found out by experience that possible physical harm to environment or people is not a valid objection in planning law; only things like reduction of light availability, restricting a view, being out of character to the surrounds, etc are. Things like traffic flow, noise and pollution, etc can be fended off merely by a statement of intent which really gives cate blanche approval to the proposals.

If you care for your family’s future and for our local countyside and way of life in the Cotswolds  we all have to act now!

Go to the online consultation link or if you do not use a computer write to:


Put forward your objections and especially call for the bias to be for environmental protection by insisting the presumptive bias is not for, but against, local exploration and production of oil and gas.

We have a week. Let’s save the Cotswolds.

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