Yesterday wasn’t just any Monday…..

Yesterday on 24th July the means to solving one of the world’s present major problems was initiated. The start of a momentous year, 24 – 7 – 23 to 24 – 7 – 24. Our inability to even begin to tackle problems such as human induced climate crisis and habitat destruction, (HICC + HD), is…

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‘Protect our planet, twenty-four seven’ Day

STOP PRESS As the world stumbles to cope with the Climate Crisis, here is good news. The means to the solution begins at this ‘eleventh hour’ in Birmingham, England. At 11 am on Monday 24th July 2023, a new World Day, on the Climate Crisis, is officially launched at the nature showcasing Birmingham Botanical Gardens,…

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The newspaper headlines…

selective focus photography of magazines

The newspaper headlines this week suggest that THE WORLD IS BURNING! This IS the solution! We need HOPE and here it is! Make this go viral – FAST! Potentially the world’s biggest organisation – and its FREE! Take part in the World Day on the Climate Crisis – 24th July 2023 and in the…

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Surfers Against Sewage

Well done surfers against sewage, you brought tears to my eyes of concern and joy. If you love being in or beside the sea like me, I defy you not to be moved by this video, “Thank you Sea”. Surfers Against Sewage:

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WHY DUCKWEED CAN HELP SAVE US and stop the cheating!

a person touching a water with duckweeds

Duckweed provides carbon sequestration of unlimited tonnage and rapidly, just what we need. We have to reduce fossil fuel usage dramatically at the same time, however, because Duckweed can’t save us on its own. It is NOT an excuse for the fossil fuel industry to do business as usual. We have to ween ourselves off…

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and that is ALL OF US who care. The traffic light ribbons are a ‘visual voice’ of concern for action, by all those who care about solving human induced climate change and habitat destruction. Governments and Oil Companies worldwide take note! We, the people, are speaking – visually! We are the majority of humanity and…

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