Yesterday wasn’t just any Monday…..

Yesterday on 24th July the means to solving one of the world’s present major problems was initiated. The start of a momentous year, 24 – 7 – 23 to 24 – 7 – 24.

Our inability to even begin to tackle problems such as human induced climate crisis and habitat destruction, (HICC + HD), is because we are not recognising and doing the one thing that we need to do. That is joining together and uniting in common cause, to save ourselves and this beautiful planet of ours.

This is what was started yesterday, Monday, 24th July, 2023.

We don’t have long. All the mechanisms to save ourselves have been set in place. It began yesterday, on MONDAY!

Understand what i4one and ‘Protect our planet, twenty four seven’ do. UNITE – simply, free, carbon free, non-damaging, non-disruptive; everyone potentially united.

Ribbons on a traffic light are NOT a futile gesture, they are a visual voice of the VAST MAJORITY 0f humanity, calling out for a solution to our problem.

That solution is truly acting together for the benefit of all and the planet and the means began yesterday

24 – 7 – 23

Lets make it happen by 24 – 7 – 24 = ‘UNITY DAY’ , on the next ‘Protect our planet, twenty- four seven’ Day

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