Earth’s Precious Resources

Wednesday (2nd Aug) was the day that marks how we are over-using the Earth’s precious resources.

Today we have gone just that little bit further down that road. We have to, at some point, stop and change direction. Humanity is at a metaphorical cross-roads. We need to STOP!… THINK, GREEN PLANET as our traffic light message suggests and demands, if we are to continue, not on a motorway over a cliff edge, but a more scenic gentle route observing and respecting nature along its safe and winding way.

There comes a point where we have to make that change of direction in time.

i4one is the only mechanism presently set up to help achieve the illusive human unity we need to solve such existential problems such as Human Induced Climate Crisis and Habitat Destruction (HICC+HD).

Everyone that reads this needs to spread its message of hope.

  Have you heard of Earth Overshoot Day?  
It’s the day marking the point at which humanity has used up all the resources that Earth can regenerate in a year. That day is today. From today through to the end of the year, the whole globe is overshooting its resources, and if all the governments acted like ours, we would have already hit this day a few months ago.   It’s no coincidence that this month has seen heatwaves, temperatures hitting their highest on record, and wildfires.

The Tories are creating further damage by granting over 100 new oil and gas licences, and Labour are complicit by stating they will not revoke them if in power.
  The government should be working to push back Earth overshoot day further every year. Instead, we’re seeing resources being used faster and faster.   Governments have been propping up fossil fuel industries for decades, with tens of millions spent in fossil fuel subsidies since 2015 alone.   We are the only party committed to ending fossil fuel reliance, investing in Green energy and living within our means. Take a look at our Earth overshoot action plan here. Will you join us?

Don’t die of regret, knowing that you individually could have helped save this world of ours, for free! Don’t die watching our Earth burn or flood, watch species you grew up with go extinct, watch forest turn to desert and lakes turned to dust bowls. DO SOMETHING, a very small, simple, free something, join i4one.

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