I am so angry, so very, very angry…

…like so many people now in the UK after blurted statements by the likes of Rishi Sunak and Grant Shapps on the new oil licences offered recently. Yet I supposedly have to wait for a General Election, it seems, to get any chance to react. NO! I want to act now. I want to be defiant now, because the Earth, our precious under attack home needs defending and repairing now, right now!

Tying a ribbon to a local traffic light post may seem like a futile gesture, but IT IS IN FACT a massive visual, individual, non-harmful, non-disruptive, non-damaging, clear sign of defiance against the power wielded by those that would put profit before planet.

‘They’ will cry “foul” and claim that it is illegal! Rubbish, it is planet caring, it is planet saving! It shows defiance of ‘them’, the greed merchants in politics and corporations who would sacrifice our ‘baby’, our precious fragile Earth, for their grubby, oily, profit.

Tie a ribbon, be defiant! Our ‘visual voice’, loud and clear to the grubby greed merchants. Hands off our planet!

Tie a ribbon. ‘Transform’ your local traffic light to a message of hope and of life. STOP! (red), THINK (amber), GREEN PLANET (green light).

Tie a ribbon. Tie it now! ‘Adopt’ your local traffic light. Tie the ribbon, tie the ribbon now. Make your individual statement of love and defiance TO THE GRUBBY, OILY, PROFIT LOVERS!

“We’ve had enough of your stinking politics and your lies. We want to save our world, our precious Earth, from your selfish, self-centred destruction.”

Join i4one, its free, its defiant, it speaks for love & life, it speaks for future & friendship, it speaks for caring & commitment, it speaks for respect & repair to our precious planet, our home, our Earth.

Join i4one and tell everyone you love and care for about it, now!

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