A big festival thank-you to all whom took the time to listen at LAKEFEST 23 with interest in the potential that i4one offers in working together to solve the climate crisis whilst respecting people’s lives and circumstances.

After all the tragic and disturbing news from Hawaii it is becoming clearer all the time now that we have to focus as individuals and collectively as humanity to solve this climate crisis in time.

At i4one we are growing in numbers all the time. So simple to join and unite across all divides in the world at present so we can focus attention together to prevent catastrophic climate change and habitat destruction. The Earth has provided for us all along the way of humanity’s development and it is time to pay it the respect it deserves if we are to survive.

Only a stable cared for sustainable future for the Earth gives us any hope for our young generation and those to come.

Remember that although i4one is free to join and welcomes everyone on the planet, we commit to looking at what we already do to help and take on other small incremental things to help that are achievable within two months. Two months also ties in with the micro demonstrations of Earthly support as we show our ‘visual voice’ to express commitment to mend the climate, individually and by putting pressure on politicians and corporate leaders to act effectively.

Join in the micro-demonstrations, tie those ribbons and let others know their meaning. As a unifying money free mechanism for unity we cannot afford to pay to show our message so we do it for free by ‘adopting’ and ‘transforming’ an icon of the fossil fuel age, the traffic light, to proclaim and demand effective action. We obey them in their function and our leaders need to obey their proclaimed instruction for the survival of us all. Stop! (red light) Think (amber light) green planet (green light). So simple, money free, carbon free, travel free, local, yet repeatable everywhere across the globe where fossil fuel use is at its greatest.

We can all do this and everyone wanting action to solve the crisis can become involved in the solution by working together, whatever our politics, our nation or our religion. All working together for survival and a sustainable caring future for humanity and for the fragile special place in the universe we call our home, our Earth.

Join i4one, tell others about it. Join in the micro-demonstrations to visually show our numbers to our leaders to force them into effective action. Prepare for the world learning day with the date in its title so that we can be ready for it before the day arrives – Protect our planet, twenty-four seven Day. Due next on 24 – 7 – 24.

i4one – engagement – enlightenment – encouragement …….. for a caring sustainable future for people and planet and life as we love and know it on this amazing fragile planet of ours. We care for ourselves by caring for it, something our leaders need to recognise.

Spread the word. Together we succeed, divided we fail.



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