TODAY, Monday, 24th July, 2023 is probably just like any other Monday…

The world’s newscasters read out about the latest wildfires, this time causing Greek Island evacuation and long awaited and wished for holiday plans ruined; of floods in India and the sight of not cars being swept away, but, the holy cows, washed away helplessly.

We are ALL metaphorically on board the RMS Titanic, also on the news again in recent months. Our world will implode if our leaders, our ‘Captains of the Titanic’ do not heed our lookouts (our scientists) warnings and turn the ship in time. We are just reorganising the deckchairs on deck at the moment, whilst the engine room (the OIL INDUSTRY) seems oblivious (and self-consumed in PROFIT).

We, the passengers, have to realise what the iceberg ahead (Climate Catastrophe) entails and shout loud enough for the captain to hear and take appropriate action.

Something IS STIRRING, however! An acorn of hope is planted today. It might seem innocuous and patchy, but, that voice, A VISUAL VOICE, FOR CHANGE OF DIRECTION IN TIME IS APPEARING.

Ribbons tied to a traffic light. Totally non-harmful, non-disruptive, free, easy to do, carbon free, is ACTUALLY A LOUD MESSAGE, a CALL to action.

At present we are all on a metaphorical motorway, heading to plumet over a cliff. Humanity is at a crossroads, we need to STOP! – THINK , GREEN PLANET at this precise moment to put this ship (our Earth) on a new path. That path may be like a potholed, bumpy side road, but it is SAFE!

It starts now, ‘ONE YEAR TO SAVE NATURE’.

‘Protect our planet, twenty-four seven’ Day 2023 to

24 – 7/24 ‘Protect our planet, twenty-four seven’ 2024,

A date when we need a mighty oak to develop – one of hope and action and togetherness, unity in purpose for fixing our greatest threat to future existence, that of Human Induced Climate Crisis and Habitat Destruction (HICC=HD).

TODAY the solution starts with a ribbon!

Join in, learn and act, without disruption to already troubled lives.

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