2024 is a Critical Year for Humanity’s Future

It is reported (in Time magazine, Dec 2023), that as many as 64 nations (and the European Union), representing 49% of the world’s population, are going to the polls in 2024.

The good intention of everyone in ‘The Climate Coalition’ is not in dispute, but we need to ensure curative action on the Climate Crisis whoever gets into power electorally across the world in 2024.

The basic factual truth is that we have to be able to save the Earth, no matter who gets into power in the UK, USA, EU, Russia or anywhere else electing Governments and leaders in this year, 2024.

We need a fall back position that will deliver effective action, WHOEVER GETS IN!

Just hoping for the right result to be delivered by the vagaries of electoral manipulation is no good. We need certainty of cure for the Climate Crisis.

That is why the 3 Step Plan outlined here on this site is more important than ever. It works because of this year being 2024! A cost effective, workable, practical plan that starts with a World Day on the Climate that we can ALL join in with, because the date of that World Day is in its instructional title!

‘PROTECT OUR PLANET, 24/7’ Day, on 24th July this year, 2024 i.e. 24 – 7 – 24

Get ready! Join in. The countdown to the Day is on this site.

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