Why Fracking is BAD News

Fracking is not a benign, friendly form of energy production.

Typical fracking well site area. Land polluted and devastated.

Typical fracking well site area. Land polluted and devastated.

It is in fact an Extreme Energy source.

As with all extreme energies the headline cost of production is low, but the clean-up costs and potential dangers are extreme and the risks high.

Fracking uses highly toxic fluid that gets into the natural water system and the process also permanently destabilises and damages the bed rock strata we depend upon for support.


This is on top of the fact that methane (23 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than CO2) will inevitably leak into the atmosphere.

Fracking occurs, not just in one place, but has to spread as each well head is soon exhausted.

Once one well is brought into production the whole surrounding area will eventually join in, to become an industrialised area and devastated.

Fracking is a real smash and grab form of gain and the most gain goes to the companies performing this environmental devastation.

Each well head that is bored has potential for harm. With fracking this is multiplied so many times that harm is virtually inevitable and unstoppable.




With Fracking you don’t get just one well, you get multiples. A real permanent pox of a landscape!

Your family, your homes and the land you call home are all under extreme threat.

It is a fact of modern day life that money talks and those that will gain the most will be at pains to convince you that all is well with fracking and that it is a necessary evil for cheap energy…

Learning to reduce energy use and renewable sources are the only clean safe ways to go. Given support, renewable energy’s cost will ALWAYS come down as we become more efficient at harvesting this form of energy.

Renewable energy has NO COST at source. It is by definition abundant and free!

We just have to get good at processing and distributing it. That means abandoning our dirty old ways with fossil fuel.


  1. Ryan on June 7, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    Best anti-fracking site I’ve yet seen…

  2. money talks news on September 4, 2013 at 4:21 am

    money talks news…

    I like Fracking Unsafe! Blog Archive Why Fracking is BAD News! Very well!…

  3. Michael Roberts on March 23, 2014 at 10:21 am

    This is gross misrepresentation.
    1. Fracking fluid is not toxic, people have drunk it – Governor Hinkinlooper of Colorado
    2The rock below surface is shattered and not destabilised . The overlying pressure will close the cracks
    3. The methane myth of Ingraffea has been overturned
    5 Charges of devastating an area is pure scaremongering
    6 Using the photo of the Jonah field in Wyoming is duplicitous as that field was by close spaced vertical wells and did not use horizontal fracking.
    all in all this is less than honest scaremongering

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