Understanding Carbon Capture – Our path to survival.

Learn how to sequester the amount of carbon in your own breath!

Excess greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere are a problem. CO2 (Carbon dioxide, the most important greenhouse gas) IS INVISIBLE. Oil and coal are very visible. That visible carbon is what we are ‘DUMPING’ into the air in vast quantities by our human society activities.

We can’t dye the carbon in the air; we would all die of lung disease if we did!

But, we can show the mass of the carbon when it is captured by nature and we can process it simply again to lock it away.

We need to sequester carbon, (capture it from the air and keep it locked up), in great quantities and the amount we breathe out is relatively insignificant. Yet by simply showing how it can be done for our carbon breathed out and processed on an individual basis, means we can understand the process and how it can be scaled up, to the industrialised amounts necessary to be effective. We look at windmills and solar panels and understand seeing them that they are good green ways of providing energy without burning. Industrialised capture of carbon in Duckweed form does the same. If we can demonstrate carbon capture in our own homes or schools we can then understand it.

Only Duckweed can do this in time to save us.

It requires only a few centimetres of water to grow in and spread out over.

Its size is already perfect as a pre-pulped material.

It doubles in size every two days.

It is simply harvested by a single sweeping stroke from a blade across the surface it grows on.

Processed and solid, it can be made into many shapes from blocks to mouldable shapes, locking it up from the air and not able to leak back into the atmosphere.

This isn’t the ‘Silver Bullet’, single solution, to our problem however, because, we are putting such vast amounts of carbon into the air at present. This solution, WILL ONLY WORK if we phase out fossil fuel usage at the same time.

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