Duckweed Could Be The Answer

Just like the Agatha Christie book ‘Why didn’t they ask Evans?’

I have just finished listening to the discussions and advancements on Greenhouse Gas Removal. Just like that book a question I left at the end of that meeting, bemused all those hosting the event, yet it too holds the answer –  to all those carbon capture needs. The Question ‘Why has no-one mentioned the one plant that does it all? Simple Duckweed. It reproduces itself every 2 days. It is so simple to grow and harvest and lock away in blocks as carbon sink peat bogs or moulded into various products.

The perfect natural carbon sequestrator, using Earth’s history as R&D over Billions of years, can be used on small scale to industrial scale at low cost, simple technology and more importantly to a mass tonnage in a very short time to keep us all safe!

LEMNOIDEAE PLANTEAE (Duckweed) provides the chance we all need to escape from climate catastrophe. At the present rate we will reach 1.5 degrees of warming in 2027.

Only Duckweed has the capability to capture enough carbon in time. It is the Goldilocks plant for the Goldilocks Planet.

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