The Big One Demonstration

Today is the last day of the Big One demonstration and event organised and run by Extinction Rebellion and combining so many organisations showing equal concern over our leaders’ lack of urgency on the climate crisis. That and the equally human induced habitat destruction are real dangers to our future and that of life as we know it on Earth, our fragile home.

To all those whom I had the pleasure to meet on Saturday at the March in London and who joined i4one at The Big One, “Thank-you”. Another step towards life as we know it being preserved on this amazingly beautiful life-supporting planet of ours.

A special thanks also go out to one of the day’s main speakers Patsy Stevenson who expressed a desire to tweet to her many followers about the proposed new ‘Protect our planet, twenty-four seven’ Day and the chance of massive human unity in the form of i4one membership, free and available to all who express care for life and our planet.

To all those who expressed concern that i4one could be just another organisation, it is not, it is in fact completely different, it is a means to that elusive unity that doesn’t retract from any caring organisation that already exists, but instead strengthens them and allows them to reach out to others they may not be able to reach otherwise. i4one’s simplicity and focused singularity of purpose does that where any other traditional ‘organisation’ cannot. That is the beauty of it. You cannot cheat yourself. You either mean the statement ”I for one will not stand by and let our world die” or not, only you know. Just like only you know whether you are a member of i4one or not. If you are happy to let others know your commitment to care for the Earth and life as we know it surviving, by being a member of i4one, please let others know.

Our numbers increase all the time. Just ask your friends and loved ones and contacts if they are in i4one. If they say “what’s that?” please point them to this website or explain the concept of greater than ever human unity, necessary to tackle human induced climate change and habitat destruction (HICC+HD) effectively.

We compliment other caring organisations out there already, not challenge them. We encourage people everywhere to join these organisations, if they have the means to do so financially. i4one though is available to anyone who doesn’t have those means, we leave no-one out because we need to reach out to those not able to join with traditional organisations. Our only requirement is commitment by you as an individual to look at what you already do to help tackle HICC+HD in your individual life with your own unique circumstances and build upon what you already do, little by little, in very small achievable within 2 months, goals. Each of us doing more personally to help, will make a massive difference. It also helps as well by giving us the opportunity of an ever increasing powerful single voice for action in time by our leaders.

i4one reaches out beyond the major divisions in humanity due to patriotism, politics and religion, to help us solve the urgent problem of HICC+HD. It needs to be that simple in structure and aim to do this.

When the euphoria of ‘The Big One’ has died down and faded, as it inevitably must, we need something continuing that legacy and remaining that can grow and grow in energy and effectiveness, beyond what a usual or more traditional organisation can.

i4one does this. As we embrace more and more the call for education on HICC+HD, in order to solve it, we all need to promote the new ‘ WORLD DAY’ of ‘Protect our planet, twenty-four seven’ Day. The one with the date in the title!! This is so no-one can claim that they didn’t know when it is! Everyone is therefore encouraged to join in and learn.

Help make ‘Protect our planet, twenty-four seven’ Day a regular day in the World Calendar to celebrate and protect life on Earth and learn the means to do so.

Watch out also over the coming weeks of how to get involved in micro events repeatable across the world, in local communities everywhere, (especially where the need is greatest in places where fossil fuel usage is the most). These will be carbon free or very nearly so.

Free simple i4one membership and its personal commitment, unique and controlled by you alone, is helping us rapidly to gain momentum in the need for urgency to tackle HICC+HD in time to survive.

Let others know about i4one and join a traditional local and/or national or international planet caring organisation, if you have the means to do so.

The legacy of the Big One needs to continue and grow beyond what has been achieved this long weekend. Well done for attending.

To the majority of the population who did not have the means or opportunity to attend, you are included and welcomed with i4one. i4one allows you to help get the critical unity of humanity needed to succeed and survive. Don’t let this moment pass without this simplest of actions. Joining and spreading i4one by word of mouth and any contacts you have is the simple free way to help the world. It works so simply, like a GOOD virus, designed to save us, not hinder us, in our quest to preserve our fragile and amazing home, our Earth.

Join and spread hope and care.

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