MPs Vote for a Temporary Ban on Fracking

Here’s the list of MPs who voted for a fracking moratorium – or temporary ban on fracking – during the Third Reading debate of the Infrastructure Bill.  52 MPs voted in favour of a fracking ban, but 308 voted against, so fracking will happen.

Most Labour MPs abstained – which means they didn’t vote either way.  If your MP abstained they don’t appear on this list. That means they didn’t vote against fracking.

MPs weren’t even given the chance to vote on changes to trespass laws, because the debate went on so long. This means changes to trespass laws will happen, so fracking companies can drill under our homes without our permission.

AYES (voted for a temporary ban on fracking)

Abbott, Ms Diane
Baker, rh Norman
Brooke, rh Annette
Campbell, Mr Ronnie
Caton, Martin
Clark, Katy
Cooper, Rosie
Corbyn, Jeremy
Crouch, Tracey
Davidson, Mr Ian
Durkan, Mark
Edwards, Jonathan
Farron, Tim
Flynn, Paul
Galloway, George
Godsiff, Mr Roger
Goldsmith, Zac
Hames, Duncan
Horwood, Martin
Hosie, Stewart
Hunter, Mark
Huppert, Dr Julian
Jones, Helen
Lammy, rh Mr David
Lazarowicz, Mark
Leech, Mr John
Lloyd, Stephen
Llwyd, rh Mr Elfyn
Long, Naomi
Lucas, Caroline
MacNeil, Mr Angus Brendan
Mann, John
McCartney, Jason
McDonnell, John
Mearns, Ian
Menzies, Mark
Morris, Grahame M.
Mulholland, Greg
Munt, Tessa
Ollerenshaw, Eric
Percy, Andrew
Ritchie, Ms Margaret
Robertson, Angus
Skinner, Mr Dennis
Thornton, Mike
Walley, Joan
Weir, Mr Mike
Whiteford, Dr Eilidh
Whitehead, Dr Alan
Williams, Mr Mark
Williams, Roger
Wood, Mike

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