2023 – World’s Hottest Year

So its official!
2023 is the world’s hottest year so far since the Industrial Revolution.
At 1.48C average global temperature rise we are now so close to the number the climate scientists
have agreed is safe!
In 2024 it is predicted to be even hotter, because it is an El Nino year, when the warming Pacific
Ocean current is in a direction to drive up world temperatures even higher.
We know what is doing it, so where is the effective plan to stop it?
A practical, simple, stepwise plan.
It starts with Education. A World Day when we all pay attention and learn how and why this has
happened and how simply we can ALL reverse it.
‘PoP 24/7’ Day short for ‘PROTECT OUR PLANET, TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN’ Day. 24 – 7- -24
24 th July in 2024. The only World Day you can’t avoid knowing when it is, because it is in its
instructional title.
We need to reverse human induced global warming. We need to learn to care for our planetary
home, our Earth.
It’s time to ‘Protect our Planet 24/7’.
24 th July join in. Start the repair job. Join in and learn how we do it.
Hope begins on 24 th July 2024. 24 – 7 – 24. ‘Protect our Planet 24/7’ World Day.
2024 will see 64 nations across the planet elect leaders and governments. We must make it clear to
those world leaders what we ALL want. A sustainable Planet for life and our future.
Effective practical action begins on 24 th July 2024, with attentive learning worldwide. ‘PoP24/7’ Day
‘PROTECT our PLANET 24/7’ World Day.

If you
or your children
or your grandchildren are at school now
Your children
Your Grandchildren
Will ALL suffer the consequences of what we do or don’t do
or BENEFIT from the consequences of what we can potentially start effectively on 24 th July 2024.

Get involved,
for your sake,
your children’s sake,
your grandchildren’s sake.

The world is at a crossroads.
We need to:

We need to start making arrangements to construct the means for controlled growth of the ONLY
plant, due to its unique lifestyle and growth cycle, that can withdraw sufficient carbon from the
atmosphere in sufficient mass, in the shortest possible time and with the least complication in the
maximum constructed space that we are able to give it. DUCKWEED.

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