HAPPY NEW YEAR – To everyone who cares for our future.

2024 will be a momentous year in human history, because this year will be the one we truly start to save ourselves and the beautiful amazing planetary mechanism that supports and lets life flourish – our Earth.


In future every ton of carbon we put into the air from fossil fuel usage, we will have to capture in solid plant form to offset it. Why plants? The answer is because plants do it for free! It always comes down to cost. If its not cost effective we don’t consider it, in the human society we have set up. The longer we delay the solution to our human induced climate crisis, the greater it costs us, simple as that!

This year, 2024, we must learn how we are going to solve the potentially catastrophic rising carbon concentration in the atmosphere by a practical and natural means. This year is critical and vital for us all to understand how we are going to do this and set up the means to do it.

What follows here is a meticulously planned, practical, structured, phasal way to save the Earth from the human induced climate crisis. This is done by very simple natural means:

Phase one.

First unite all those in humanity who want to save the planet from human induced eco-destruction. We are so divided across the globe on so many topics, from nationalism to religion to political persuasion, from finance to ethnicity to sexual orientation and gender. To effectively unite all who care we need to take those categories and remove them from the equation. That means of unifying humanity by focusing on one subject alone for our survival, already exists: i4one.

i4one is a mechanism for unification of people who care and truly want the current climate crisis and destruction of the natural world by our hands solved.

Phase two.

Educate all who want to get involved in saving life as we know it on our planetary home. We need to learn about how and why we have reached this crisis point and how we are going to solve it. This needs to be done by a means that involves least disruption to already difficult lives and in the fastest possible time in practical terms. Time is critical now. By not acting quickly enough to get carbon out of the atmosphere, we are giving ourselves less and less chance of success.

To do this we need to create a World Day of Learning that everyone that wishes to survive has chance to get involved with. A World Day with the date in its descriptive title. It already exists – launched on 24th July 2023: ‘PROTECT OUR PLANET, TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN’ Day. This year it works as a date for most of the nations of the world, 24th July, 2024 or 24 – 7 – 24 !

Phase three.

Understand why there is only one plant currently with the perfect combination of lifestyle features that can solve the carbon capture equation of: Time x Mass x Space, in a simple, safe, and controllable way. That plant is Duckweed and scientists are already taking note of it and beginning to investigate its potential.

Phase four.

Construct the means for Duckweed to do its stuff and suck enough carbon out of the atmosphere in sufficient quantity in the short time we have available and, in the human created environment needed to solve the SPACE element of the equation: Time x Mass x Space.

We need to build buildings or convert ones that we already have, to give the Duckweed multi-layered growing surfaces. We effectively create for the Duckweed extra Earth surfaces up to the height of cost effectiveness and of our human constructional capabilities. This is likely to start on farms first, because after Duckweed has served its purpose in stabilising atmospheric carbon, it has so many other uses as a crop.

Harvestable so simply, every two days and protected from weather variation and increasing the hectare growing surface of all farms considerably, it will have a viable financial capability far into the future. Duckweed, after sequestering sufficient carbon from the atmosphere, can be used as human food (it contains 30% more protein than soyabean), as animal feed, as biofuel and for purification of polluted water and for fertilizer recycling.

Once everyone knows how we are going to achieve a practical means to stabilising the climate without massive disruption to our existing lifestyle and cost effectiveness built in, we will all embrace the necessary rapid construction of Duckweed propagation facilities worldwide.


Join i4one. Get involved in and promote ‘PROTECT OUR PLANET, TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN’ World Day. Call for effective action from your politicians to set up the Duckweed propagation means. This is so easily, and cost effectively achieved if we regard Duckweed in the same way as we viewed the vaccination rollout to combat the Covid-19 virus.

Happy New Year all.

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