COP28, another wasted opportunity?

Is this another wasted opportunity to start effective action on reducing the CO2 level in our atmosphere? The simple, natural, practical answer to this problem lies on this posting!

COP28 is about to start as the symptoms of climate crisis loom even larger on the horizon. This year, 2023 AD, is probably going to be declared the warmest yet recorded.

The world burns and floods in equal extremes and the desperate need to solve the ever-increasing CO2 concentration in the Earth’s usually stable atmosphere gets more urgent every day we continue to use fossil fuels at such a level without the means to ‘suck’ the CO2 back out of the atmosphere.

I recently attended the AGM of the Climate Coalition. The organisation that links most of the NGO’s and charities in the UK who want to solve the climate issue, because it falls within their remit and concerns for people and planet.

I TALKED TO MANY DELEGATES at the Climate Coalition AGM and my words fell generally on stoney ground.

It is so frustrating that, yes, OK, I haven’t fully developed the concept yet, but the theory works for the solution to carbon sequestration, simply, easily and by natural means, by the method I told to all whom I spoke to.

The equation we need to solve is one of TIME, MASS, and SPACE.

I showed many delegates samples of DUCKWEED and explained how it can save us at this late hour in the climate situation. One delegate said “Oh! I thought it was a dip for the nibbles, does it taste nice?”

As COP28 continues and the world seeks to find the magic solution, it looks like we will waste another year when the answer is there on this page for all to see!!

TIME x MASS x SPACE = CO2 level control

We created the problem, and we are a vital element in doing that because it is HUMAN Induced Climate Change and Habitat Destruction (HICC + HD).

We are also a vital element in the solution, for without us the problem will not be reversed in time to save life as we know it on Earth. No matter how much power, money or influence is there within humanity’s domain, if we don’t act soon, the feedback systems kick in and it becomes runaway climate change as more and more CO2 is released into the atmosphere.

The ANSWER IS: TIME x MASS x SPACE with the proviso that we, humanity construct the amount of space required. That is not infinite however! We only have a certain amount of space we can construct.

At this present moment in time, we do have the means to do that, working together across the globe in much the same way that we did to tackle the Covid 19 outbreak worldwide.

DUCKWEED IS UNIQUE as a plant in the combination of its many features required for its natural existence on Earth. We as humanity have the capability of transforming it into the planet saving plant (i.e. natural means) that we require at this critical moment.

How does DUCKWEED, with our critical help, solve the problem we have with the CO2 level?

DUCKWEED by its natural life process, matures and produces another DUCKWEED plant very quickly. Most take about 48 hours, although one species has been developed that can do that in just 20 hours under continuous light provided by us.

DUCKWEED reproduces mainly by clonal vegetative reproduction and yet, can also produce offspring by sexual (flowering) reproduction. No matter which way, DUCKWEED reproduces itself by replication in the timescale described. This means it exhibits exponential growth. To put it plainly and simply:

1 ton of Duckweed at the start after 35 generations of multiplication produces over 32 billion tons of Duckweed on day 70.

YES in 70 days DUCKWEED can produce about the same tonnage in weight of all the Carbon we put into the atmosphere from fossil fuel use by human beings in one year. That is a massive amount and DUCKWEED can produce similar amounts in just 70 days!!

That is the TIME and the MASS elements solved in the equation. So, what about SPACE.

This is where humanity’s existence as creator of the problem and solver of the problem coincides!

By our existence, we create the space!

We construct the means to do so. Since part of DUCKWEED’S natural growing features includes that it grows on the surface of non-saline, still water and will reproduce till it covers the surface of that water completely, we must construct the means for it to do so.

We presently put approximately 37 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere from fossil fuels. Carbon is only 44.4% of the weight of cellulose, which is the holder molecule of most of the carbon in the duckweed. We, therefore, just to stand still and stop increase, need to reduce fossil fuel use or produce enough duckweed. That would be 37,000,000,000 x 2.25225225 (100/44.4) = 83.33 billion tons of DUCKWEED. That, given the space, would be achieved in the 73rd day after inception.

How can we do that and provide the necessary space for so much duckweed and not replace crops we need.

We vertically farm it. Duckweed grown in vertically stacked trays of the spacing that allows for maximum production. The number of vertical trays and hence the dimensions of the buildings we need to construct is entirely up to us. We all need to do this to survive, so if the value of the oil is less than the amount needed to construct the duckweed towers, we need to reduce the amount of oil we use as fossil fuel. As fossil fuel price goes up the more sustainable ‘green’ energy sources become more and more competitive and sensible.

Building DUCKWEED Towers becomes an essential part of weaning us off fossil fuel use. However, because DUCKWEED has so many other useful qualities to humanity, it will continue to be grown for those other uses even after we get the atmospheric CO2 under control. The cost of building those DUCKWEED growing facilities will not be ‘lost’ therefore. Those facilities will be used to continue DUCKWEED production well on into humanity’s future and will offer the flexibility of use according to the many uses DUCKWEED will provide for our needs in the future.

Those other uses are as animal feed, as high protein human food, as natural water purifying, as a biofuel and as a means of recycling ‘lost’ fertiliser on farms due to flash flooding.



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