The Big Project – SAVE EARTH!

So there we have it! A nationally and internationally renowned expert on conservation and the environment, Chris Packham, has seen 40 years of dedication to preserving life on Earth and expressing its beauty and wonder, being reduced by frustration to considering breaking the law, as shown by the more extreme members of the Environmental Movement.

DON’T DO IT CHRIS! As your program on Chanel 4 showed, YOU HAVE NO VOICE IN PRISON!

To bring effective attention to the subject you need to bring the whole public with you, NOT divide it further. Extinction Rebellion have got it right about the URGENCY, but, WRONG about the means to bring about effective action.

We need UNITING as a SPECIES, as HUMAN BEINGS, not further divided! Antagonising vast swathes of concerned, having enough problems in life, human beings by disruption to already personally difficult lives, is totally counter productive.

We need HOPE, not further despair and hardship!

Join in The Big Project – SAVE EARTH!

Simple, Free, CARBON NEGATIVE, the route to a SAFE EARTH!

It is possible. It is simple. It is free to join in. It is effective.

Billions of years of life evolution on this planet has provided not only the perfect mechanism to take carbon out of the atmosphere (photosynthesis), but it has also provided us with the perfect plant to do it in a controllable simple way!

We are the ‘Goldilocks’ planet, just right for life to thrive.

DUCKWEED is the ‘Goldilocks’ plant, just right to regulate Carbon in the atmosphere because of its certain critical life features.

Algae is too small to work with effectively and to control.

Trees are too big, cumbersome and relatively slow growing (great for future regulation of the carbon in the air, but too slow for now!)

DUCKWEED is perfect. Rapid growth (another plant every two days). Perfect handling and harvesting size. Easily demonstrated how it works and critically, it can be grown in small-spaced layers. The sky is the limit as far as duckweed is concerned because the sky is literally the limit to the number of layers you can have!

The future WILL have skyscrapers to live in in cities and skyscrapers of DUCKWEED to mop up the atmospheric carbon AND produce oxygen to breath as well! Industrialised ‘EARTH LUNGS’ in a controlled way.

Like Covid, we need each nation to combine to tackle this together. We don’t have to shut down civilisation though, we just ALL need to build the ‘Earth Lungs’, the DUCKWEED buildings, right across the globe, especially in high CO2 releasing areas of the world.

We are so capable as a species to do this – SO GET ON WITH IT!! Time is of the essence. UNITE in HOPE and practicality.

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