A way to overcome the CO2 build-up in the atmosphere

Mr Sunak has recently announced altered targets for the UK on climate. He says he is being pragmatic and in that I agree. The targets were not realistic and many unachievable.

As human society we are too hooked on what oil has brought us to just stop!

So far there has been no sign of a way to overcome the CO2 build-up in the atmosphere which is triggering the climate crisis.


Nature naturally regulates CO2 but we have over-burdened her. She still has the means to do it though and correct what we have done.

We have overused oil. It is there as a precious resource for use over generations not just for one or two greedy ones.

To survive our greedy generations have to come up with a means provided by nature as the oil was to reassert the balance.

That is photo synthesis. But, what plant out of all those out there can do it?


Duckweed is often seen as a nuisance because uncontrolled it can cover a pond and reduce the amount of life in there. How ironic therefore that used by us in a controlled contained manner it solves our atmospheric CO2 problem.

It has the perfect combination of properties to do just that.

Rather than making cynical changes that look like vote grabbing, Mr. Sunak would be better thought of if he announced how we become the first nation to go carbon neutral, possibly before 2030. Wow! That would be something!

Covid showed how a people working together, leaving aside differences can work together and give our scientists and manufacturing base the time and means to solve the problem. It was the virologists and those making the vaccines that saved us, NOT Boris and entourage!

With the climate crisis, a determination to use the only plant capable of saving us and bringing the population of this country together to single mindedly show how it can be done as a true example to the world, is the way forward.

Nature needs saving because it is the means to save us!!


It reproduces itself every two days, therefore exponential growth, if it is allowed to. This means it has potential unlimited tonnage of CO2 absorption.

It is easily and simply grown. It can be grown captively so that it can be controlled.

It is the perfect size, so that it can be moulded into any shape or size of brick to be kept solid. It is of the size that it is already pulped for us.

It is so simply harvested with a single stroke of a blade across the water surface it is grown on.

The other factor and the one that makes it a game changer though is that it can be grown in just 3cm depth of water and thus can be unlimitedly stacked, vertically farmed.

This means it is not only the plant that can give us the bulk we need to suck up and capture the atmospheric carbon, it is the one that takes up least surface area on the Earth, therefore leaving most of the earth’s surface for humanity’s other required uses.

Anyone joining in the mini-protests planned for Saturday 30th Sept. please let MR. SUNAK know that the means to solve this great world problem is there for his Government to initiate and show the rest of the world how it can be done.

This country, the UK has the capability. MR. SUNAK claims we are a world leader in climate…. WELL PROVE IT!…… by setting up the ‘DUCKWEED LUNGS’ to capture the carbon from the atmosphere and produce our life breathing oxygen at the same time!


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