United we succeed, divided we fail!

I see that Chris Packham is scheduled to present a programme on Chanel 4 tomorrow night on ‘Is it time to break the law’ (for climate change).

It will be interesting to see what conclusion he reaches.

There are other ways, however, to bring to light that the climate crisis is an existential threat (Yes! One that threatens our very existence!) and a rapidly looming one at that.

Extinction Rebellion has formed from those knowledgeable enough to understand that threat. Members feel it is justified to break the law because others do not seem to realise or understand that urgency. However, the tactics used thus far have brought an indignant response from Government, curtailing rights of citizens even further and producing a polarising them versus us mentality.

Rebellions are against those in authority or power at one particular point in time and historically most rebellions were put down and defeated by those in power. We need a revolution! Not a rebellion. A Revolution though of the type that humanity has presented on more than one occasion; like the Agricultural Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and more recently the Technological and Communication Revolutions. We need an Environmental Revolution, right now. A realisation that the threat the climate crisis provides is potentially terminal to life as we know it on Earth. Yes! That urgent. That is the crux of the matter. Why can’t most of us see the danger. Those willing to break the law can.


It involves uniting humanity rather than creating further division. It requires ingenuity not anger. It requires careful intellectual thought and consideration not outrage and conflict.

It is ‘i4one’, the new planned world day, the non-disruptive, non-damaging, non-resource using micro-protests proposed on this website.

We NEED a ‘BIG PROJECT’ to ALL get involved in to save the EARTH as we know and love it.

We don’t need disruption and a descent into anarchy. We need to be able to harness the great togetherness that has given us the human advances thus far, to solve the problem, because the problem is a HUMAN induced climate crisis. To solve it requires us to work together as HUMANS, not as subdivisions of individual nations and all the other divisions of society we have created along the way of our journey.

That ‘Big Project’ will be announced on this site soon.


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