More than ever, the world needs to come together

There has been so much climate despair this year and the latest tragedy in Libia has compounded it.

The politicians and leaders worldwide all seem to be posturing, full of self-importance and possible pacts with each other to reinforce their viewpoint on the world. This does not help, it makes a more divided and polarised world at just the moment we need to ALL work together as HUMANITY!

The well reported climate disasters that have taken hold this year should be sending out warning signs that we surely can’t fail to notice. However, in many countries climate crisis response is becoming party politicised.

When are we going to get the message that this is a HUMAN INDUCED CLIMATE CRISIS and the first two words are critical to dealing with it.

YES! It is going to take ALL of us; Chinese, Russian, Indian, American, European, wherever you live to solve this. We need a means that we can ALL be comfortable joining to be effective. That means needs to be SO BASIC and SIMPLE that no-one is excluded from helping, because the vast majority of people in the world have a common concern and cause.

i4one does just that. Be human and have concern are the ONLY entry requirements. Then we need to all learn about the problem worldwide and understand how we can effectively react in time to solve it. A new world day will help that, one that people across the world can prepare for because uniquely the date is in the title! This will increase its potential. Help promote that new World Day: ‘Protect our planet 24/7’ next year being 24 – 7 – 24 !

Join in i4one and tell everyone you know and love about it.

At a time when the world seems so traumatised and more frightening, lets truly initiate a growing non-threatening across the world movement to work together and support each other. It is the better side of being human we need to show at this moment, and ALL political leaders take note that caring WINS, not aggression and self-interest.

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