Greenhouse Gas Removal is critical to Human survival now.

Given the current state of play in greenhouse gas emissions the point at which we pass the ‘safe’ global average temperature rise of 1.5 degrees is given as likely to be the year 2027, by latest UN calculations.

We should already have in place the means not only to reduce emissions but also to start bringing them down.

The situation has reached the point at which most experts in the field realise that to remain within safe parameters we need some true greenhouse gas removal to occur now.

The amounts by which we need to do this are staggering and the only workable and deliverable, natural way to do it has been left untouched by any Government.

Indeed, recent attendance by me at the latest Westminster Forum showed that it wasn’t even in the mix of the discussion!

Simple Duckweed has the capability to multiple itself exponentially every two days. No other plant has the capability to match that at the same time as being so easy to harvest, grow simply, in a means that doesn’t take up valuable productive farmland, yet at the same time remove harmful pollutants in waste water. It is a win/win plant!

Duckweed’s potential to enable us to survive as a species and learn how to look after nature properly into the future, should not be underestimated. Only Duckweed can produce the bulk carbon sequestration we require for survival, because of its means of quick replication, ease of growing and of simple harvesting. Its size means it is perfect for processing into a form whereby we lock up the carbon safely without the dangerous potential for leakage or release.

Collected and processed Duckweed can be made into blocks for building, insulation or to make human made peat bogs simply and in areas like quarries where the landscape has been damaged by our extraction processes of open mining.

This tiny innocuous looking plant is the seemingly hidden answer to our prayers. Please someone with clout, spot it and save us!!

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