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Like me, you’ve probably been horrified by images of New York lost in toxic smog and thousands of people left homeless by flooding in Italy.   As a Greenpeace supporter, you know how vital it is that we stop the fossil fuel industry decimating our future. That means getting the message out to everyone; young, old and from every walk of life.   So we’re releasing a song and short film – a remake of Fleetwood Mac’s Don’t Stop, made in collaboration with some of the best in the music and film industry. This is not your typical charity song. It’s a call to arms, an impassioned plea to take action today, for the sake of tomorrow.
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Don’t Stop shines a light on the fight of our lives – to save our planet from climate breakdown. It exposes the grotesque behaviour of oil companies enjoying record profits while our world burns. But ultimately it is a story of hope: it points to the power in all of us to stop this madness.   I hope and believe this project will get people fired up, inspired and kick loads of people into taking on the oil industry. Can you take a short moment to watch the film and then to share it with your loved ones, so lots more people can see it?
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Our message is clear – the fossil fuel party is over. It’s time to clean up. We need more people to hear this message and put pressure on our political leaders. Our politicians need to feel the heat so that they can finally stand up to climate wrecking oil companies.   In the words of Executive Producer Steve McQueen, “we have collective power to realise a different future. It’s imperative that people don’t forget, tomorrow is promised to no-one.”     Will you take a short moment to share it with your friends? I’d love to know what you think.
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Thanks for doing something about tomorrow.    Debbie O’Dowd  Greenpeace   PS: Our heartfelt thanks go to the artists behind this song – to Fraser T Smith as producer, Avelino for his lyrics and vocals, to our band of Tomorrow’s Warriors and the House Gospel Choir. On the film, we are hugely indebted to director Samona Olanipekun, to exec-producers Bona Orakwue and Sir Steve McQueen and to our wonderful cast of actors. And to everyone who worked behind the scenes to bring this project to life. Thank you.

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