If the Big One achieves its goals…

I know from 20 years of experience how much work, effort, finance and planning goes into a climate march or mass demonstration. The Big One certainly has all the hallmarks of being up with the memorable best. However, it is too easy for its actions and words to only connect with those already converted. Many MPs have probably taken an early and extended weekend break leaving those already converted to enjoy the uplift such events give. The bottom line of success though is Government action and connecting with the general public whose lives are too stressful or hectic for them to attend. With so many facing uncertainty over just surviving with cost of living and energy prices, fighting to save the planet seems a far-off indulgence of less importance.

If the Big One achieves its goals it will be a welcome relief, for those in power who make the big decisions are all talk and little action at present. Will the Big One hit that attendance and participation that strikes the required figures for action from Government to follow. We will see. Hopefully it will, but if not we really have to try something different and that is where i4one comes in. So easy to join, commit to personal action, learn about the urgency and the required actions needed to solve the looming catastrophe if we don’t act in time. Human induced climate change and habitat destruction (HICC+HD) is something we ALL are responsible for and it is going to take something special to unite us enough consciously to undo what we have allowed to slip by un-noticed or by indifference in our name by individuals of power and influence and associated organisations.

Humanity united in common cause to save our planet, of singularity in purpose, to cross the divides of patriotism, politics and religion. A WORLD DAY of education for all, is suggested as a starting point.

Today is Earth Day, but, that is only generally known by those who really care. We need a day no-one can claim they don’t know when it is. Its date being in the day’s title. We have that day now ‘Protect our planet, twenty-four seven’ Day. An instruction and the date combined.

Please get involved and become part of the solution.

‘Protect our planet, twenty-four seven’ day for education.

i4one for potential unity and mass individual action.

Multiple small demonstrations (micro demos) repeatable all around the world with virtually no carbon footprint, easily organised and co-ordinated, non-disruptive, yet visual and noticable with a clear message that doesn’t fade as time passes, rather strengthens!

Strength in numbers because most will have the ability and means to join in, free and easily, locally.

The means to these micro demos to be revealed in the near future.

Lets see what happens after the Big One, but be happy in the knowledge that if it doesn’t have the desired effect, there is something else on the horizon of great potential to solve HICC+HD in the necessary timespan.

Why not get involved now though. Join i4one and let others know. Free to everyone who cares to save life as we know it on this fragile beautiful planet of ours.

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