Bristol Climate Change Protest

On Saturday just gone there was a slow march in Bristol about climate change and a protest about the new oil fields licensed by the present Government. Those new oil field explorations and potential production are totally at odds with what is required for the declared climate emergency.

Lots of organisation, lots of effort, (and I should know about that having been involved organising such events nationally for over a decade gone!), but other than a few Saturday shoppers, did anyone notice or get affected to realise the importance of what the marchers were bringing to light.

Did this event really move the urgency on? Unlikely. Peoples lives across the nation and even generally in the city itself were unaffected. This is a new form of direct action trying to lie within new laws and not antagonise general public as much as before. The people who are committed, who realise the seriousness of the situation are as eager as ever to get that urgency across, but the general public are essentially unaffected , because most don’t even know it has happened except for those present on the affected streets and the local news reporting.

The problem is that to most people in the current world situation and the more pressing concerns of daily life, climate change is: “well, it’s just a weather thing , isn’t it?”

NO! No! No!

The problem is that if we let the situation get to the point whereby people generally see climate change as an urgent problem, it will be too late to stop its devastating effects on life as we know it on this planet of ours. Our surprisingly fragile life supporting planet, our home, our Earth, is under serious threat and we appear blind to notice because that urgency is hard to comprehend for most.

To get the message over to sufficient numbers of the general population we have to do something different.

That something different starts with a WOIRLD DAY of learning, of understanding why we need to start acting NOW on human induced climate change and habitat destruction, not when it becomes obvious to all to do so, because then it is TOO LATE.

EDUCATION and UNDERSTANDING is needed. An effective WORLD DAY that everybody knows about and can join in and learn on, is the STARTING POINT for survival.

‘Protect our planet, twenty-four seven’ DAY.

YOU CAN’T NOT KNOW WHEN IT IS! Twenty-fourth day of the seventh calendar month, 24th July.

THE DATE is written large on the product’s ‘tin’, IT’S THERE IN THE TITLE. No excuse not to know when it is!

Attention gained, GRAB THAT ATTENTION.

After decades of ineffective action we are no closer to solving the problem. We have a year between the dates of two twenty-four sevens, (24th July 2023 and 24-7-24 a year later), to get up a ‘head of steam’, that momentum, of a well-informed, determined WORLD POPULATION, taking action INDIVIDUALLY and COLLECTIVELY to survive.

If you are able to, we encourage you to get involved with one or more of the many environmental organisations that already exist. Many of these are in The Climate Coalition and can be found listed there. If you are in an organisation already, please contact them and ensure that they are getting involved in this new WORLD DAY – ‘PROTECT OUR PLANET, TWENTY FOUR SEVEN’ Day.

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