We are running out of time to solve Human Induced Climate Change and Habitat Destruction.

In a world where so many people struggle to eek out a mere existence and power politics rules, human induced climate change is thought of as survivable by the privileged few in charge and complacency shown by many currently enjoying a comfortable existence. WRONG! Not only is the result going to exterminate most, if not all, of life on Earth, even privileged humans, it is going to take ALL of us to solve it.

Human unity is a very rare occurrence and we need it more than ever for the greatest threat thus far to humanity’s continued existence – Human Induced climate Change and habitat destruction.


It is because it is such a difficult and complex task that involves all of us and yet we have selected one of the three great divisions of humankind, (Nations, Religions and Political Persuasions ) to deliver the solution and actions to this man made problem.

United Nations?! Only in name!

United Humanity – we have to- to survive!


Education, Engagement and Enactment.


A WORLD DAY for all to learn, co-ordinated across the globe, about the problem and means to the solution. We need to understand the situation and the means to correct it. A World Day that everyone knows the date of because its in the instructive title!

‘Protect our planet, twenty-four seven’ Day.

An instruction, a demand and a date! 24th day of the seventh month in the calendar, 24th July.


An organisation of humanity that is totally inclusive and totally non-discriminatory. To join this ‘organisation’ you need just two things. First be human. Second be able to say or even just think “I for one will not stand by and let our world die” and mean it in your heart. Satisfy both and you are in! Simple as that.

ENACTMENT (Personal and Global):

When joining , you commit to action personally. Each individual person is unique in circumstances and abilities. Each individual ASSESSES what they are already doing to help tackle human induced climate change and habitat destruction. Tick it off, (bank it). Decide what is not yet done and is possible to do in your own personal circumstances, then plot how to do it in very small achievable increments.

Make a PLAN for the next few months/years.

Put that plan into ACTION.

ASSESS – PLAN – ACTION for every human being on this planet, decided by you, with no pressure, coercion nor criticism. We all need one, individual to each one of us. By each of us owning this problem and having a plan for action we achieve the single voice and associated pressure on the global powers that be, to act.

By acting individually there is no prejudice and no excuse for collections of humanity in the form of corporates or nations, not to act to the benefit of all. This human unity will provide the impetus, the pressure and the ability to achieve what we have to, in order to correct this human created problem.


The 24th July 2023 will be upon us soon and too early for full implementation so will be used as a practice run for the main event on 24-7-24 on 24th July 2024. This will be known as the all important UNITY DAY.

Unity day 24-7-24 will be the day that we finally get moving as a species, the HUMAN SPECIES, on the necessary pan-global action on climate change and habitat destruction.

By 2030 we should then be on a new trajectory or path to survival. Dates are important because they focus us and provide a target and this is especially so in this instant where we have left it so late to avert impending disaster.

The GOOD NEWS is that we still have time. The bad news is that we aren’t effectively organised yet to succeed.

Please spread the word of the date (twenty-four seven, 24th July) and encourage all whom you love and know to join in.

This is possible and achievable for all of us because it is so simple, free and personal to each of us tailored to our own individual circumstances, yet together as humanity and is ESSENTIAL FOR SURVIVAL of us all.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Lets get this right and give our future generations a chance!

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