When you say i4ONE

When you say “I for one will not stand by and let our world die” or merely think it and mean it in your heart, that is not the end!

You have a commitment then to plan your own personal action, with no coercion nor criticism. The important thing is that you belong to an ever growing unity of humankind whom are all taking individual, personal action, that only you can decide. There is no cheating here. If you don’t mean the statement, you’re not in.

Help and encourage all those committed though. Ask your family, friends and colleagues individually if they are in i4one.

If not, explain, give them the leaflet (downloadable to print) and encourage them to join in this positive progressive process to bring about protecting our future.

GET INVOLVED in ‘Protect our planet, twenty-four seven’ Day, (24th July yearly).

Help with any group or organisation planning to join in with the Day. Set up your own local learning event if you wish. Become part of the bigger picture and solution. Every community action helps. A world uniting to heal. This is what most of us want.

This World Day is the spark to ignite that human unity we all need in order to help us all.

When you see a friend or colleague ask, “Are you in i4one?”

If they say yes, you can encourage each other to enact your own personal plans to help.

If they say no, let them know what i4one is. It is the means to effect desperately needed human action on climate change and habitat destruction, to preserve life on Earth as we know it. Print and hand out a leaflet or just tell them about its simplicity and its opportunity to care and work together, for all of our hoped for futures.

Even in this IT dominated modern world, the greatest communication of all is one to one.

Encourage growth of happiness and hope into your life and that of others whom you love and care for. With so much stress and problems in the world, help yourself and other, build community, joining with others around the world, by something so simple and available for everyone. By being of single purpose we can unite to solve this. It is so simple and so possible, so do it! JOIN i4one NOW.


If you like what you read here, join us. Become part of that community. A caring community. Positive healing action for yourself, loved ones and the natural world.

It is so simple, so achievable. Hope and individual action combined to help yourself and others whom you love.

‘i4one’ is growing all the time. Just ask the question to those whom you know and love, “Are you in i4one?”

Word of mouth is very powerful. Person to person communication working for the good of all.

We all saw how Coronavirus spread uncontrollably as something bad around the world, well just think of the power of something so good that spreads the same way as the virus, but for GOOD all around the world! Wow! Wouldn’t you want that? SPREADING GOOD – so simple so achievable.

We can all do this. Unite and heal the world. Of simplicity and single purpose, this is achievable, so do it! Help all whom you love and help the natural world survive at the same time. This is a win/win scenario.

This is not some new religion, but simply a means to solve our climate change problem and preserve the life supporting mechanisms of the planet, Earth, our home.

We all saw how Coronavirus spread throughout the world, well imagine something really good for all of us spreading throughout the world in a similar way, positive person to person communication, invoking individual action to unite humanity and help solve human caused climate change and habitat destruction.

We have all joined together to create human induced climate change and habitat destruction and we are all going to unite to solve it!

Every one of us is equally important. Each time we ask the question, “Are you in i4one?” and respond to the answer, we spread the good news and encourage positive individual action that will solve the problem.

We have combined to create the problem and we will combine and come together to solve it.

So simple, so achievable. It works like a virus spreads! Only this time it is GOOD for the World, NOT bad!!

Join ‘i4one’.

Bring hope, happiness and joy back to Planet Earth, our shared home.

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