Human Induced Climate Change


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This is something that we have collectively brought upon ourselves. It is such an urgent problem that it threatens all life on Earth as we know it and the intricate life supporting web and mechanisms that allow its continued existence on this planet of ours.

Humanity is organised into massive groups on different subjects. None of these show true unity.

They are:

Nations (Patriotism)

Religions (Belief)

Political Persuasion  – from left to right – (Outlook on Life)

We also have:

Corporations and Financial Institutions (Striving for Industrial Dominance, Progress and Profit)

To tackle the climate change and habitat destruction, which we collectively have created, that threatens to destroy the life supporting systems of Earth, we need to UNITE HUMANITY at a higher level.

To do this we need to understand the threat and comprehend the challenge we have given ourselves. To achieve the necessary human unity we need a focused subject that avoids all other reasons (in the brackets above) for human grouping, singular in purpose: SURVIVAL. 

i4one does that!  

How do I join? Two requirements: firstly be a member of the Human Species and secondly be able to say or even just think “ I for one will not stand by and let our world die ” and mean it in your heart. Satisfy both and you are in !!

New human grouping to add to above:

i4one (Planet Protection)

It is because i4one is singularly focused and is so simple in construction and free and easy to join for every human being on the planet that it can succeed in providing sufficient human unity to be effective.

This degree of HUMAN SPECIES UNITY needs to be achieved first (WALK stage) before we can act effectively (RUN stage), using the other groupings listed that we already have in place.

Trying to RUN before we can WALK doesn’t work, we all know that ! That is why we are not managing to tackle effectively this urgent massive problem facing all of us.

Build that sufficiently large human unity first, i4one, then act! This is the SOLUTION!

i4one is totally non-discriminatory, it includes everyone who cares, everyone who wants to survive, who wants a future for themselves and more importantly for those to come.

The world wasn’t given existence for just the present generations, but, for all generations.

We need to come together to learn and understand how to care for our birthplace, our planet.

‘Protect our Planet, twenty-four seven’ Day.

24th July and build towards, Earth’s Unity Day, 24-7-24, (24th July, 2024). The time we begin the repair.

We have ample time to prepare using mainstream and social media. 

We are all citizens of Earth.

It is about time that we showed respect for it, because deep down we are all dependant on it and have a love for it.

We need to be loving custodians of it, because it is designed to return that care when respected.

What happens when you join i4one? You join potentially the world’s greatest organisation of human unity thus far, intent on preserving the Earth and its life supporting mechanisms and habitats for generations to come.

Each one of us is unique and has different circumstances and capabilities. In i4one only you decide what is right for you. No policing, no criticism, just a willingness to be part of the solution.

Use the tick lists as a guide to assess and make up your own plan, for action in small personally achievable incremental changes. Potentially as so many, actively involved, we will have the will and strength in numbers to effect change and influence the other constructed divisions in humanity to act for all our benefit, not just for a presently controlling few.

The unity i4one offers and the World Day are our essential WALK phase. The effective action and delivery of change are in the RUN phase and we have already chosen the UN to be instrumental in bringing that about.

Humanity in its progress has had an ‘agricultural revolution’ and an ‘industrial revolution’.

We don’t need a rebellion, we need an ‘ENVIRONMENTAL REVOLUTION’! 

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