Its still pouring with rain!

Here in Britain, we are stuck in wave after wave of anticyclones bringing heavily laden cloud over the first landmass that the jet stream hits on its North Atlantic journey.

This IS A SYMPTOM of CO2’s toxic effect on our atmosphere. Yes, CO2. We can’t see it!

All we can SEE is the effects, the symptoms of that poisoning concentration.350 ppm is the scientifically accepted ideal level to keep our planet liveable. We are now 20% above that! We are now at 421 ppm.

We need some CO2 (namely 350 ppm) to keep our planet liveable, because we are just slightly too far from the sun to keep water liquid. Life NEEDS water in liquid form. It is an essential requirement for the development and evolution of life. We need some CO2 (ideally 350 ppm) to keep most of the Earth’s water in the essential liquid form.

Too much CO2 however and we overheat and cook!

We as humans depend upon our 5 main senses to live. At dangerous concentrations therefore does CO2 show itself?


It cannot at dangerous, life destroying level, be seen, be smelt, be heard, be tasted, or be touched. ALL negative! CO2 at dangerous levels has a cross in each and every box, not a single tick!

So how do we show CO2 to the general public and make it visible? We can’t dye it because the dye would coat our lungs and kill us!

The ONLY way is to show it in sequestered, solid, carbon captured form. And what does that best and free? PLANTS!

So which plant is most efficient and safe to do this? A plant that will not harm all the delicate ecosystems out there. Where is there a plant that is so specific in its requirements it won’t take over the world uncontrollably if used?

Only one plant fits the bill, the requirement. The ‘Goldilocks’ plant because it is just right! What is it? The ANSWER – DUCKWEED – The ONLY plant that can do the job in time, of sufficient potential mass and the only one that we as humans can provide the extra multiple Earth surfaces for.

There is an equation for the perfect plant carbon sequestrator. It is:

Mass x Time x Surface Area

ONLY Duckweed solves this safely.

We need to get on with this, because the equation is solved, but not the problem yet!

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