The Climate Event Horizon is near!

Practical, Safe, Doable 3 Part Plan to Climate Safety.


Part 1. Education.

A World Day, uniquely with its date as part of its instructive title.

‘PROTECT OUR PLANET 24/7’ Day. 24th July. 24 – 7 – 24

Q: Why?

A: So we can all be prepared to join in and learn about the main climate problem of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.

This year the date can be read forward and backwards so most people in the world get it! JOIN IN on the day, Wed. 24th, July.

Part 2. Unity, as human beings.

The Climate Crisis is a HUMAN created problem. HUMANITY needs to solve it – ALL OF US! Set aside our differences by singularity of purpose.


“I for one will not stand by and let our Earth die.”

Say it, hand on heart, with meaning and you are IN, simple as that!! Free, easy, available to all, yet unrecorded, so safe for all to be a member.

Q: How do we show that hidden worldwide majority of humanity?

A: On set days with a ribbon! The first day to show climate concern

is on the first ‘Protect our planet 24/7’ Day, Wed. 24th, July, 2024.

How? ‘Adopt’ your local Traffic Light or Pelican Crossing by tying your ribbon to its post. When you ‘adopt’ something you care for it, so NO disruption! This ‘transforms’ it into the flashing logo of ‘i4one’, a flashing beacon where the RED light means “STOP!”, the AMBER light means “THINK” and the GREEN light means “GREEN PLANET”. See enclosed sticker. Please also place a flower at the post base in memorial of species already lost to climate change.

This is repeated at designated times between 24th July ’24 and 24th July ’25. See the website for details and instructions or let others know if not connected to the internet.

The year is designated as ‘One Year to Save Nature’ when we force our leaders by sheer mass of numbers to start effective action to reduce our atmospheric CO2 level.

Part 3. Action, required by Governments.

Billions of years of Research & Development by the planet has produced the most efficient, free means to get carbon out of the atmosphere – photosynthesis by plants. There is one plant alone that satisfies the equation for carbon capture, safely & quickly, without endangering the environment or other species. That is Duckweed – the only plant we can create extra Earth surfaces for. The cause of the problem required human meddling and so poignantly it requires the existence of humanity to solve it. Only we as a species can practically create the extra Earth surfaces to grow the only plant that can save us safely. For each and every storey of a building we can fit in vertically 40 to 50 Duckweed propagation trays. This works because the sky is now the limit!

Did you know that you can easily grow your own sample of Duckweed to make your own breath carbon neutral! This can easily be demonstrated in schools for example.

Collect throw away clear plastic food trays of rectangular shape. Place 1 cm of dirty rainwater in it. (Duckweed loves wastewater!) Add a small sample of the micro variety so that it is spread over the surface with large gaps. Over a few days watch it spread to cover the whole of the tray’s surface. This is your stock tray.

Now remove half of the stock and transfer it to another dirty water filled tray. Within two days that also will be covered! Keep repeating this process!

Every two days you can harvest the crop. That is carbon taken out of the air by Duckweed and is now solid in cellulose form. It is easily desiccated in air – just leave it to dry out. Duckweed micro variety is of the perfect size to do that without rotting like grass does. It will become like dried herbs in consistency. You now can either put it in a garlic press and crush it into small block form (approximate size of a standard ‘Lego’ brick) or use it like cardboard pulp and mould it into whatever shape you wish and let it dry into that shape. It will be like egg box packaging.

To keep carbon out of the air it MUST NOT be allowed to burn nor rot, because if it does that it just returns the captured carbon back into the air! To fully sequester the carbon, it MUST be kept solid.

The same process and plant will be used on vast industrialised scale to save us from climate catastrophe. Unlike algae, bacteria and fungi, Duckweed is SAFE because it has such a restrictive growing requirement and one that we as humanity can be in control of. The other three, if they escape, are uncontrollable and so present the long-term danger of sucking too much carbon out of the air!

Duckweed is therefore the only safe means to do this, and in the short time we have available before we reach the Climate Event Horizon, when the feedback loops of global heating (due to high CO2 concentration in the atmosphere) kick in.

The solution, therefore, on a repeatable, achievable for humanity,

world scale, is propagation ‘barns’ on farms, and of ‘warehouses’ and ‘towers’ in towns and cities.

This will mean building these structures, but that is a small price to pay for survival of life as we have come to know and love on this amazing planet of ours.

We just require getting the plan up and running.




The first part (LEARN) starts on 24 – 7 – 24

Wednesday 24th July 2024.

‘Protect our planet 24/7’ World Day.

No Excuse for missing it. The date is in the TITLE!

Tell everyone you know and love about the achievable solution to the Climate Emergency and give those whom you love and the planet a sustainable caring future.

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