We know for a FACT that our overuse of fossil fuels has created a build up of CO2 in the atmosphere.

We know for a FACT that CO2 acts as a greenhouse gas, retaining heat from the sun that would otherwise radiate back out into space.

We know for a FACT that eons ago, massive fern forests mopped up ancient CO2 and created an ice age, because we know for a FACT that if we didn’t have greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the Earth is just too far from the sun to be warm enough for liquid water, that without greenhouse gases the Earth’s surface water would naturally freeze.

We know for a FACT that too much greenhouse gas like CO2 effectively overheats the planet.

We know for a FACT that reducing CO2 in the atmosphere will help us restabilise our Earth’s climate and calm it.

We know for a FACT that reducing CO2in the air WILL solve our Climate Crisis.

Given these FACTS, what are we humans to do?

Our first ACTION is to lower our fossil fuel use.

Our second ACTION is to use non-carbon ‘green’ energy production.

Our third ACTION is to restore the natural balance of carbon in the air and energy in the atmosphere and to restore nature itself.

Our fourth ACTION is to increase the capability of the Earth to mop up the excess CO2.

We know for a FACT that the Earth has developed plants to do this by photosynthesis.

We know for a FACT that increasing green photosynthesis capacity is the natural and most efficient way to do this.

We know for a FACT that trees, seaweed and seagrass all do this, BUT, TOO SLOWLY.

We NOW KNOW FOR A FACT that one plant can save us, because it has such rapid growth if allowed to spread.

We NOW KNOW FOR A FACT that DUCKWEED fits the bill and is that plant, able to spread over shallow expanses of nutrient water.

We KNOW FOR A FACT that we need more than the Earth’s surface to do that enough to work, so surely we are doomed?

NOT SO !! because DUCKWEED has one amazing feature along with its ease of culture, of harvesting and of processing. Left to multiply, having enough space, it doubles in quantity (a new plant every two days) every 48 hours. If cultured in layered trays of nutrient water, we can multiply the surfaces it uses to grow vertically, because it only needs 3cm of water to grow in. These 3cm layers can be layered and layered and layered in controlled, human built environments. We can build as many layers upwards as it takes to mop up the excess CO2 we have created. Effectively we multiply the surface capacity of the Earth. We cant do this effectively for any other plant. As for DUCKWEED its experience will be that it has multiple Earth’s surface water to spread out over.

WE ONLY HAVE ONE PLANET and we are over using its resources already, they are finite dependant on one world, BUT to DUCKWEED there would be the equivalent of multiple Earth’s and that is why THIS WILLL WORK and is THE SOLUTION!

How do we pay for these DUCKWEED CO2 capturing buildings? We introduce a ‘Polluters MUST Pay’ policy, so that the finance comes directly from the source of the pollution, the oil industry profits.

We pay for their product as it destroys our environment and climate and pay again as we seek to repair the damage their product does. It is a total imbalance. To rebalance both climate and planet, the damage wreaked by the fossil fuel industry must be balanced by their providing the means to repair that which they cause.


It is solved by us building vast, high buildings that can grow and process the DUCKWEED on an industrial scale. Half is kept to continue growth and half is harvested and kept dry and solid as CAPTURED (sequestered) CARBON. IT IS THAT OR DESCEND INTO CLIMATE CHAOS WITH SOCIETY BREAKDOWN, WARS, MASS MIGRATION, DEATH, DISPAIR AND DESTRUCTION AS THE Earth cooks.

That is our choice. High rise DUCKWEED ‘lung’ buildings (because they produce oxygen for us to breath as well as they capture the carbon!) OR FIRES, FLOODS, STORMS, WARS, WATER SHORTAGE, FAMINES, MASS MIGRATION, DEATH AND DESTUCTION, TOTAL SOCIETY BREAKDOWN AND ANARCHY.


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