Sewage pumping – Enough is enough!

We’ve had enough of these stinking, sewage pumping lot now. To have reached a point whereby people with the most money to spare can make £1.4 Billion out of destroying the nature of our coastlines and rivers is obscene.

The latest revealed debacle is yet another symptom of paying lip service to looking after the natural world that is so vital to continued life as we know it on planet Earth, our fragile home.

Enough is enough!
It has to stop!

We ALL have to take notice and force the powers that be that are in control to think planet, not their grubby stinking selfish selves.

We are the majority. We care for our loved ones, friends, neighbours and local community; they don’t. So therefore we join in the simplest means possible to get something done. i4one and the ‘Protect our planet twenty four seven’ World Day, do that.

Humanity has had an Agricultural Revolution, an Industrial Revolution; we desperately need an Environmental Revolution, just to survive now.

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