How To Solve The Climate Change Dilemma!

Fossil fuels have been our number one essential energy source choice since their discovery.

The primary waste of their burning to release the stored energy (combustion) is Carbon dioxide (CO2). Yet we know for certain now that CO2 released into the atmosphere works like a blanket, trapping solar energy within the Earth’s covering.

This works in a way similar to glass in a greenhouse, hence the phrase ’greenhouse gas’.CO2 is the primary waste from fossil fuel combustion. It is number one CHOICE for energy, but the key word here is CHOICE!

We have alternatives in abundance, more than we can ever need! These alternatives are becoming ever more accessible, convenient and cost effective.

We have solar, hydro, nuclear, wind and tidal. ALL as abundant sources. There are problems, it is true, associated with these other energy resources and means of releasing them. However, these other sources do not have the overwhelming devastating CUMMULATIVE EFFECT that CO2 does.

It is the cumulative effect of CO2 building up that is the devastating tipping point for catastrophic damage to our climate, with resultant extreme weather events, ice melt and sea level rise. There is also the problem that CO2 release makes matters even worse if that melt includes the permafrost in the frozen tundra regions. Once tundra is allowed to thaw out it will decompose at the new raised temperature and produce even more CO2 whose release we cant control, then the Earth will likely become a superheated dead planet.

We understand this, so WHY aren’t we doing something about it?!

It is because we have chosen to tackle this problem at national level, as Nations, when the problem is a human choice problem, at species level. We are tackling this at the WRONG LEVEL!!

The task we have is to match up our response level to the choice level. We have to CHOOSE to take ourselves off fossil fuels and we have to UNITE as a species ( The Human Species) to adopt to the alternative, clean (non-CO2 producing) energy sources. We need to act as individuals of the Human Species, not act as Americans, Europeans, Chinese, Indians, etc.

Let’s be honest, we are not the United Nations, we are the squabbling Nations! We need to find the means to unite as a SPECIES, not as Nations. We need a Revolution (of thought and action) NOT a rebellion! We shouldn’t spend our precious time fighting the bad guys, (we don’t have enough time to do that!), we need to take them out of the equation, circle around them, to solve the problem!

Unite as a species, not squabble as Nations!
If the Earth was under alien (extra-terrestrial) attack, we would unite as humanity. Climate change is that serious a threat.
Lets solve it. It is our choice!


FIRSTLY GAIN EVERYONES ATTENTION AND EDUCATE ALL WITH A SPECIAL WORLD DAY. A day that has a date that all will know because it is in the title of the day! ‘PROTECT OUR PLANET, TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN’ Day. An instruction and a date!


On the 24th July 2024 it will be 24-7-24. This is designated to be UNITY DAY. A moment we come together, as a species, to learn about the climate change situation and how to go about solving it together.

SECONDLY HAVE AN ORGANISATION FREE AND AVAILABLE FOR ALL TO JOIN WHICH IS SOLELY DEDICATED TO SOLVING THE PROBLEM (of human induced climate change). An Organisation that cannot be corrupted in purpose nor hijacked by malevolent forces because it is made up of the effective actions of individuals. Individual human beings that can say in their minds ‘I for one will not stand by and let our world die.’ i4one. org Potentially billions of us around the world united in purpose, beyond the three ‘P’ words that prevent us from acting effectively together. They are Patriotism (putting your Nation first) and the other two: Party Politics and Presidential Personalities (where BIG OIL exerts its control).

We have the chance to get this right and solve the exasperating dilemma of climate change brought about by human action, by changing human action effectively in the short time we have available. It is OUR CHOICE, as individual human.

Click here to download the Key Is Choice 1 .pdf
Click here to download the Key Is Choice 2 .pdf

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