Climate Change -The Solution!

Question We know the problem and how large it is, but we haven’t started effective action yet. Why?
Answer Because we are trying to RUN before we can WALK!

Question Who is to blame for HUMAN induced climate change?
Answer Humanity!

Question How are we fighting climate change?
Answer As Nations!

Human = Nation NO
Human = Human YES

We need to fight Climate Change at SPECIES (Human) level. Each of us. All for one & one for all. As individual humans.

Question Do we run before we walk?
Answer NO

Question Do we walk before we run?
Answer YES

Unite first as human beings. WALK first. Then fight climate change as Nations. RUN second.

then we are

Question But How?
Answer In two simple phases:

Firstly, a global day when we all learn. A day that everyone knows the date of because its in the title!



24th July each year. On 24th July 2024 it will be 24-7-24 This is UNITY DAY. A moment we can all come together and start to repair human induced climate change.

Secondly, since we got into this precarious position by billions of us doing the wrong things, we as individuals, billions of us, can be effective by doing the correct things for the climate and the supporting ecosystems on Earth. This is done by INDIVIDUAL HUMAN ACTION PLANS which is what is all about. Set up your own and do it!

This is all FREE and everyone can join in. There is no criticism. Each person has personal circumstances. That is the whole point. Each little action counts, because we are so numerous. Far from being, “what can little me do, the problem is too large”, it becomes, “every little thing I do really counts because of me and my encouraging others to do likewise”. Positive reinforcing action. The more we encourage each other to do even the smallest change and build on it, the greater the effect. Far from being a depressing scenario it will become ever more rewarding. Life for everyone will improve as we heal the damage to our planet.

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