A Letter of HOPE.

This is a chain letter for good, for caring, for togetherness, for survival of our world.

This is written by principle on paper that I wish you to recycle. Please copy this and forward it on recyclable paper to another ten of your contacts, whom you feel confident will act for survival of our planet.

Please join i4one, like me.

It took billions of us to do the wrong things to bring about human induced, destabilising and potentially catastrophic, climate change, so it is going to take billions of us doing the right things to correct it!

The beauty of this way is it is gradual, to your own personal capabilities and opportunities. You are not bullied and harangued into action, but each one of us is effective by positive willing individual action and spreading the word, so that all have the opportunity to join in for free.

We can save this world of ours by the collective will of humanity. Please join in and make it happen.

If you can say the statement:

‘I for one will not stand by and let our world die’

and mean it in your heart, you are a member.

Please spread the positive news. Together we can win this one and bring about effective action.

If you have the means anywhere in the world to view the website i4one.org on any computer or social media screen, please do so and check out the ‘Tick Lists’ to plan your individual, personally achievable, tailored to you, actions.

Please send this letter of Hope on to your ten selected contacts.

Thank you.


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