Climate Change – Here’s the GOOD NEWS!

We have a problem with climate change. We can see that it is happening, yet too many of us convince ourselves that it isn’t really happening that quickly and there’s plenty of years left to act.

We can’t afford to leave it too late and act like lemmings plunging over a cliff edge at the end.

We have to open our eyes and plan a gradual gradient that is safe and survivable. We need to involve positively a vast number of the Earth’s population now; simply, understandably, positively and with no financial disincentive.

So How Do We Do It?

We have to educate and open more of those unbelieving and response delaying eyes.

We need something all can join in and we mean ALL, not just the concerned few.

A memorable date to teach and reinforce the urgent need to act. We need climate change action to become part of our lives, starting now and building gradually to be effective and efficient and most importantly, personally achievable.

It took billions of us doing the wrong thing in mass numbers, as nations, as corporates, but also as individuals to cause the problem. It will take billions of us likewise to reverse the damage of our actions.

It starts with the individual, each and every one of us, in small personally achievable incremental steps and in doing so affect national and corporate habits and actions to achieve the stability we need for life as we know it to survive on Earth.

This requires two simple connected ways to achieve this:

Firstly a memorable date all can join in globally and be informed; repeatable yearly, with ever expanding ambition of education and instruction. A world day with instruction and date to remember in its title. ‘ Protect Our Planet, twenty-four seven Day’ on 24th July each year.

Easy for all to remember, easy for all to get involved in and its purpose is in its title. We can do this globally and involve billions simply.

Secondly ‘i4 one’

i4one is revolutionary (and we need a positive, caring, peaceful revolution to win this one!). i4one is an organization of all of us that wish to survive, that is FREE to join, so no one is prevented by financial means from actively joining, allowing everyone to participate simply. As an individual wishing to survive you join by saying the statement “I for one will not stand by and let our world die” and mean it in your heart. That’s it. So simple. You can’t join if you don’t mean it!!

Everyone is unique, has different life experiences and capabilities. Only you know truly what yours are. There is no criticism, each to their own capabilities and own personal circumstances. Each action you take must be thought about, planned and most importantly of all, achievable. Small incremental, achievable changes in your actions and life that give you positive feedback as you tick them off.

i4one is a revolutionary organization, built on individual participation, specific to you as an individual. There is no structure, nor hierarchy. The effect though, as billions of us change what we do, is not insignificant, but of real consequential change that we need to survive. By doing this we create a safe gradient and path to survival, not a cliff edge of final desperation.

These two things are so easy, FREE to do and put in place.

We need to start right now. Prepare and help set up Protect Our Planet, twenty-four seven Day instructive and inclusive events on 24th July.

Join i4one and tell everyone you know of both.

As one advertising iconic Meerkat (not lemming!) says, “SIMPLES!”

Let’s do it. Be positive, start now. Join and promote both parts and encourage others, for together we will succeed.

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