Traffic Light Campaign For Peace In Ukraine

Within 24 hours of this traffic light campaign for peace in Ukraine being launched at Gloucester Docks, England (7/4/2022), over 50 innocent people just like you or I, many women and children fleeing the conflict at a train station, were slaughtered in a Putin led missile attack.

After this President Zelenskiy has repeated his call for a visual protest globally against this war and the heinous war crimes being committed on a vulnerable population. A call for cessation.

This traffic light ribbon campaign is a simple, low cost, no organisation, all can join, carbon neutral way to visibly declare against this murderous butchery. We should ALL ensure that our local traffic light has the blue and yellow ribbons of Ukraine fluttering from its post. Ribbons fluttering in memorial of innocent lives lost in this war and enforcing visually the message blinking from those lights of red, STOP WAR, of amber, CHANGE TO and green, A GREEN PLANET. If you see a traffic light near you without a blue and yellow ribbon on it, PLEASE PLACE ONE.

Let Zelenskiy have his wish and every traffic light worldwide continually blink out its message to Putin and his like.

It is said that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’, well let the ribbon be mightier than the tank!

We give support in money and donations, but, we also need to show visually the support of ordinary people on our streets, like those being slaughtered in Ukraine.

This action is so simple to do and to tell to others. So far any single protest is just ignored, but maybe, just maybe this one will be different, for it doesn’t stop and fade away, it only grows and continues its message from street corners everywhere, blinking out from all of us.

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