A different kind of vote, a ‘Visible Vote’

What’s The Point?

Leaders are meant to serve the people, not harm the people.
We look at our media screens and we are fed images of destruction, disease, despair, famine, poverty, conflict, violence, creatures dying, nature neglected; a world seemingly where some form of virus is taking hold both physical and computer.

Well enough is enough!

It’s time to take a stand and visibly call for a better world than our leaders are giving us.
A world of peace, harmony, caring, generosity of material and of spirit to each other and to the world that is so fragile and supports us.
It is possible! Show your demand for a better world.

HOW? Tie a ribbon to your nearest traffic light.

WHY? Because it turns it into not only a beacon and message of hope with the message:

Red light becomes

Amber light becomes

Green light becomes

But, it also visibly reinforces that message.

Traffic lights are global. Humanity is at a crossroads. We can see on our screens where our leaders are presently taking us.


Put a ribbon on your nearby traffic light. Let those ribbons flutter in defiance of world leaders that lead us away from a caring peaceful life where we can enjoy family and the riches nature offers us.

It may seem a strange thing to do, but I can assure you, seeing a ribbon fluttering that you have placed is a better feeling than any vote at a ballot box. Its is visibly there for all to see. It may be anonymous as well, but it is yours and it is visibly there fluttering.

It is a visible non-damaging mark you can make and turn to your neighbour and say with pride,
“I put that ribbon there”, “I am happy to state that I want a better world and my vote for it flutters with pride for all to see at our metaphorical crossroads in human history”, “My vote, my ribbon…And if ‘they’ take it down, I will just put it up again!”

So put a ribbon on a traffic light, not a strange thing to do at all you see, because it is a visible call, a personal call, to demand a better world, a different kind of vote, a visible vote!
So put a ribbon on a traffic light, I can guarantee you will be proud when you return and see it fluttering. Not a cross or tick in a box that is thrown away after counting into a bin, but fluttering continually with an ever increasing number of other caring ribbons, endorsing the ‘blinking’ message.

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