Todays Micro-Protest

TODAY – SATURDAY 30TH September 2023. JOIN IN the carbon free, money free, non-disruptive, travel free, local micro-protests; somewhere near you!

It doesn’t matter which political party you support, which nation you belong to or what religion you practice, MOST OF US want the planet, nature and us to survive.

So join in a local non-disruptive micro-protest or set up your own.

See website for details and join i4one.

Each traffic light showing ribbons is a non-disruptive, visual carbon free, finance free, travel free, micro-protest to save the planet. Join in. So simple to do.

‘Transform’ your local traffic light or pelican crossing into a flashing beacon of hope!

When you put a ribbon on a traffic light post or pelican crossing post, it is a visual declaration that you care for this amazing life supporting planet of ours. It is a declaration of hope, of care and of individual action. It is not disruptive nor damaging. It ‘transforms’ an everyday object into a flashing beacon of hope for the future.

‘Adopt’ a local traffic light. Show the world you care and would like a future. ‘Transform’ it into the simple message:

“STOP!” (red light)

“ THINK” (amber light),

“ GREEN PLANET” (green light),

And help bring about the simple changes we need for future survival.

We are constantly bombarded with advertising to consume, consume and consume. Well here is a free counter message to conserve and care and care!

Tie a ribbon. So simple. So non-disruptive, so carbon free and so lastingly visual.

‘Transform’ your local traffic light into a beacon of hope and a message of care. Together we will solve this climate crisis.

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