AGM 2022 — The Climate Coalition

Today, Wednesday 7th December, 2022, is the AGM of The Climate Coalition in the UK.

Welcome to any attendees checking out this website.

i4one is proud to be a member of The Climate Coalition.

i4one is FREE to join, but we encourage all new members who have the financial capability, to join any one or more of the excellent environmental organisations in the Climate Coalition and elsewhere, that are already working hard to protect our planet.

After nearly thirty years of COP, climate change is gathering pace not diminishing.

What follows is a DENTAL ANALOGY to explain the problem and help guide us towards the solution.

Our World is like a patient that has bad tooth decay. That decay could cause a life-threatening abscess. We have the human cure, ‘The Dentist’, that is us the concerned organisations fighting to restore and repair the Earth. The ‘Management’ the leaders of the world, are tying our hands behind our back. They, the Management, are also feeding ‘sweets’ i.e. metaphorically fossil fuels, to the patient! The very thing that causes the metaphorical decay problem in the first place Free the dentist to work unrestricted. We need to untie our hands metaphorically and override the management.

How? By uniting at species level, above the squabbling nations and their self-centred leaders.

For COP to work we need to learn to walk before we run. We need to unite in purpose as individuals of the same species, before we try to run with the mechanism of the COP at National level.

We need to regard climate change as seriously as we would an alien invasion of Earth.

Alexandre Dumas famously wrote

“All for one and one for all. United we stand, divided we fall.”

How to unite then? First we need a World Day that all know when it is and can be accessed by all globally for enlightenment on the means to tackle the global problem. Secondly we need a means of all those interested in survival becoming part of an organised one voice. A means that is free to all and allowing each individual to take part according to their own personal circumstances.

The first is ‘Protect our planet, twenty-four seven’ Day and the second is

‘Protect our planet, twenty-four seven’ is not only an instruction to us all, but a telling of the date, the twenty -fourth day of the seventh calendar month. 24th July. No excuse not to know when it is!

‘i4one’ encourages personal action to help tackle climate change. It took billions of us to get into this mess doing the wrong things, so it is going to take billions of us doing the correct thigs to solve it. All you need to join i4one is to be a member of the human species and be able to say or think the words “ I for one will not stand by and let our world die” and mean it in your heart. Simple as that. No structure, no hierarchy, one species united.

THEN we can use COP !


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