I don’t like Mondays?!!

It was so good to see Sir Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats in excellent form and free flow at the Lechlade Festival on Sunday. Humour and a few expletives from the illustrious front man as he strutted the stage. Visceral invective was directed at those who continue to support guns for all in the USA as ‘The Rats’ best- known song was delivered, given what occurred again at a primary school there last week. Bob always willing to speak up against inhumanity.

The vast majority of humanity want to get on with life in a peace- loving caring world as this organization does, so it was delivery time for the following leaflet at the festival, along with blue and yellow ribbons, (greatly appreciated by a Ukrainian family spoken with there) and all three sticker versions. Car stickers too welcomed by attendees.

Thanks to all met who politely and often enthusiastically accepted the literature and stickers.

Next stop Gloucester Docks for the Tall Ships Platinum Jubilee Celebrations there.

For Peace and Planet, your roving reporter!

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