Cuadrilla Appealing Against Local Decision

The well publicised decision by Lancashire County Councillors to reject plans by Fracking company Cuadrilla to sink two exploratory fracking wells in the county have been challenged by the company in question. Given a Prime Minister that espouses local democracy and respect for the opinions of local people in making local decisions, there should be no way that the decision should even be contemplated to be challenged. However, there are very powerful forces at play, not least the Chancellor, George Osborne, whom has made little attempt to disguise his lust for fracking.

The sale of our forests brought about a shires revolt. Fracking, if allowed in Lancashire, will spread like wildfire once the money grabbing, environment destroying fracking companies get a foothold. No county (except Cornwall, where no licences are available) will potentially be safe from their devastation.

We at Frack Free Cotswolds salute and lend our support to the heroes of Lancashire who have opposed and will continue to oppose fracking.

Osborne and his corporate bedfellows will want to get their greedy hands on the environmentally dirty money.  People and the future don’t matter where greed is concerned.

It is time for all local communities to take action to safeguard the rural inheritance of England and protect its sustainable, environmentally friendly future.

The battle is about to commence; the battle for people and environment against greed and profit.

JOIN the battle, support your local group. Together we can win. Local peaceful resistance against those that would destroy our future is nigh. The corporate controllers must be prevented from destroying our sustainable future. The moral high ground is ours and we must steadfastly defend it for the sake of future generations.

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