Storage Of Energy At Peak Production Times To Deliver At Peak Requirement Times

In order to stabilise our requirements and rationalise them to maximum efficiency, various methods are currently under consideration, but are not getting the Governmental support they justify, mainly because of the influence the fracking lobby has within the present Government.

These storage methods of energy in various forms can provide the long term goals that fracking as a limited supply resource never can come close to. For a stable and sustainable future, we should be putting a greater proportion of our efforts into these storage mechanisms, NOT flirting with potentially disastrous fracking.

At present the leading methods are:

  • Batteries
  • Compressed Air storage
  • Liquid Nitrogen storage

Others to consider are:

  • Hydrogen storage (possibly in conjunction with the automotive industry that are looking to use hydrogen for future cars and other transport).
  • Chemical energy storage (other than batteries)
  • Hot rock/sand storage

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