Developing True Renewables

The true renewables are free at source. The cost is purely due to the cost of capturing and transmitting the energy. They are totally sovereign and so mean we become self- sufficient, which is vital to survive in a changing world.

Reliance on gas leaves us vulnerable, because it will run out and leave us scrambling about in a competitive world and leaving us at the mercy of external suppliers. Fracking therefore is not the answer to making us sovereign in supply, but will do the opposite in the long term and render us helpless pawns in the global energy game.

True renewables we should be pursuing are:

Seabed turbines (NOT barrages, which have silting and ecological problems)

Solar  РThermal and Photo-Voltaic (if farmland used, look at permaculture and pig breeding below panels)

Wave energy capture

Micro-hydro ( on rivers and streams which avoids problems of damming)

Ground source and flowing water heat pumps

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