New Front Opens Up in the Battle on Fracking

Anyone at all concerned about fracking, especially in the Cotswolds, NEEDS to come to this meeting:

‘Fracking the Cotswolds’  at the Bingham Hall, Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Friday 27th September, 2013. Doors open 7 pm. Open to all.

The Government is attempting to win public support for fracking by purposefully keeping the public in the dark and avoiding revealing the true nature of fracking. For something that affects our health, our lives and our landscape, this planned secrecy is not acceptable any more.

This meeting in the Cotswolds will highlight the true nature of fracking. What it does to people and our environment. This is a MUST attend event if you want to truly find out what fracking is all about.

This meeting, open to all, will be chaired by Dr Jonathan Whittaker, BDS, environmentalist and full time health professional. It will feature speakers from London, Somerset and local to the Cotswolds.

The event will mark the first public preview showing of the new video from Frack Free Somerset.

The event will also feature the official launch of ‘Fracking-UNSAFE’.   

For any further details about the event, please contact Jonathan Whittaker on 07970710537 or email (there is an underscore after the ‘j’).

Contact details of the speakers can be gained via Jonathan.

Thank –you.

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